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Who is Christian Mujica, the new participant in Win or Serve? – 2024-05-12 12:09:07

2024-05-12 12:09:07

The new player of the Channel 13 period program is the brother of a former reality show boy.

Win or Serve? is just beginning, and since Canal 13 revealed the identity of a new participant which will be added to the confinement that takes place in Peru.

Is about Christian Mujica, a 29-year-old man who was born in Venezuela, but who He grew up from the age of eight in Chile. In addition, the signal revealed this is the first time that it will participate in this format on television.

For this reason, before entering the hacienda-house, the contestant explained some information about his life and his impressions about the experience he will face.

Who is Christian Mujica, the new confirmed participant in Win or Serve?

The participant who is preparing his bags to enter the bull run is Christian Mujica, brother of the former Tierra Brava, Jhonatan Mujica. Along the same lines, he revealed that he is a commercial engineer by profession, but confessed that he is currently dedicated to modeling just like his brother.

Regarding their similarities, Christian clarified that they have very different personalities with Jhonatan: “My brother is very short-tempered socially, he likes to have his inner space. I am the complete opposite, I like to go out and meet people, I am more about being outside and not so much in my world”.

Along with this, he explained that had the option to enter Tierra Brava in 2023, but due to employment contracts, he was finally unable to complete it. Added to this is that they also called him to enter a Mexican couples reality show, Temptation Islandbut rejected it after not feeling comfortable with the format.

Regarding his entry to Win or Serve?, Christian Mujica said: “I find the reality format entertaining, due to the dynamics of competition and coexistence. I have never lived an experience of confinement, of not having a connection with the outside. I want to go through this to see how fit I can be in what I want to achieve, which is to win it.“.

In relation to his condition for the competitions, the young man assures: “I consider myself a good competitor because I have good resistance and strength. I feel that I have all the abilities and all the aptitudes. “I can fight and I can be at the level of the strongest.”

Finally, he anticipated what his personality could be like when living with his teammates: “I hope I don’t have too many fights. I am very light of blood, I prefer to discuss things before reaching any more serious situation. But it can work against me if I have to serve someone who is making fun of me.”.

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