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Who is Fernando Manso Real Madrid’s former bus driver and how many Champions League finals has he been to

Here is all you need to know about Fernando, Real Madrid’s bus driver

It’s that time of the year when you will see several Fernando posts on social media. Ever since Real Madrid knocked Manchester City out of the UEFA champions League, a viral post has been circulated where fans hilariously compare the Sky Blue’s UCL appearance to Madrid’s bus driver Fernando.

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“Real Madrid’s bus driver Fernando has been into more UEFA Champions League finals than Manchester City.” 

Real Madrid are into their sixth UCL final in the last 11 years and the Whites have not lost a final since 1981, clinching eight since then. The 14-time European champions will face Borussia Dortmund in the final to win their 15th.

Who is Fernando Manso Real Madrid’s former bus driver and how many Champions League finals has he driven the team to

The Los Blancos beat the Premier League side 4-3 on penalties at the Etihad stadium before they knocked out Bayern Munich in the semifinals. Fans started comparing the Madrid bus driver’s final appearance to City ever since and here is all you need to know.

Who is Real Madrid’s bus driver Fernando?

Fernando Manso is Real Madrid’s former bus driver who is reported to have stayed behind the wheels for the club for almost 14 years. Reports say he joined the club in 2000 and stayed there until 2013.

That effectively implies that Fernando got Los Blancos to seven semifinals and two Champions League finals, which is more than several football clubs right now. 

Soon after departing from the club which has 35 La Liga titles, the man behind the wheels for Real Madrid bus expressed his memories with the club. He told Marca:

The longest trip I made was to Glasgow for the Champions League final [in 2002]. The way there and back took about 11,000 kilometres.”

He further said about his indirect involvement with the club winning trophies:

I remember that I arrived in Madrid two days later than the team and went straight to La Cibeles [the fountain on one of the Madrid squares]. I circled around the fountain twice before going to the garage. Cars whistled at us and people cheered us on.”

He is often bought in the discussions by the fans whenever the Whites reach the UCL final. A fan wrote, “Meet Fernando, Real Madrid’s bus driver for the past 20 years. He has been to more UEFA Champions League finals than Barcelona, PSG, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Man City and Man United.”   

Replying to the post a fan replied, “Maybe United need to sign him to make some changes, anything to get a trophy at this point.” Another wrote, “Fernando It’s time for London.”   

A user on X wrote, “Can we divide how many times he’s been there by 3 and see if Chelsea can catch up?” Another, “So this man is honored than Arsenal when it come to champions league history.” 


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