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They revealed a key fact about the mysterious retirement of tennis player Camila Giorgi: “There is nothing strange”

Camila Giorgi won 4 titles (Hertogenbosch 2015, Linz 2018, Montréal 2021 and Mérida 2023), reached 6 finals and played in the quarterfinals of Wimbledon 2018 (Credit: Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports)

When her name appeared on the list of retired players of the International Tennis Integrity Agency (ITIA), the case of Camila Giorgi became an issue full of uncertainty due to the untimely decision and the silence of the protagonist, which fueled multiple theories about the departure of the Italian with Argentine roots, winner of 4 professional titles.

The former world number 26, best ranking of her career, in 2018, made her last post on social networks 53 days ago. The journalist of the Italian newspaper La Gazzetta dello Sport, Federica Cocchi, stated that “no one has seen her or knows anything about her.” The newspaper Corriere della Sera had managed to communicate with her inner circle, although it only got “a vague and cryptic message”, which clarified: “Camila will not reveal anything about herself until Roland Garros, perhaps.”

The WTA even tried to communicate with her without success, but apparently in the last few hours there was confirmation about Giorgi’s new horizons that put an end to speculation, and it was reported by the journalist specialized in tennis and author of two books, Danny Miche , who had interviewed her some time ago: “Camila Giorgi officially retired, there is nothing strange. Her own father confirmed it to me. He is traveling and enjoying what he has harvested.”

Danny Miche’s publication about Camila Giorgi

This unknown information happened after international media reported that the people who tried to contact the woman and her father, Sergio, a former Malvinas combatant, found their cell phones inactive. The same thing happened with the phone of her brother, Amadeus, who was in charge of “her public relations, the (few) interviews and some covers” in Camila’s career. There is also no way to contact Claudia, her mother, who in her role as artist and stylist is the one who promoted the other leg of Giorgi’s career, that of fashion.

Along the same lines, Tathiana Garbin, new captain of the Italian Fed Cup team, spoke with the ANSA agency: “There is a bit of concern. The last time we spoke was before the Billie Jean King Cup and he did not make me available to come to Seville with the team due to a foot problem.” “I hope he is well, that there are no problems and that he has calmly left this sport that has given him so much,” she said.

Regarding the reasons that could have pushed her to retire, she referred to the fall in the ranking to 116th place: “I think that for a player who has reached the top it is difficult to then start again from the playoffs and with a low rating. Maybe a conclusion was necessary.”

Camila Giorgi’s last post on social media

The 32-year-old tennis player, who reached the quarterfinals at Wimbledon 2018, distanced herself from her profession, at least on social networks, since her last publication referring to the discipline occurred on January 17, 2023 with a photo of a press conference at the Australian Open, where she had lost in the first round to the 22nd in the world, Victoria Azarenka. From there, she promoted her clothing brand “Giomila”. Since that moment, there were 18 more photos of her from her daily life or referring to modeling, to the clothing brand.

One of the theories that were woven in relation to Camila Giorgi’s determination was communicated by the Corriere della Sera reporter, Gaia Piccardi, in which she said that in the European country there resounds “the echo of an indiscretion that would have hastily transferred her to the foreigner due to problems in Italy.”

In light of this, a recent accusation by the Vicenza Prosecutor’s Office in a case involving the issuance of false Covid-19 vaccination certificates became relevant. The prosecutor, Gianni Pipeschi, requested to prosecute 25 people in the first days of March, according to Il Giornale Di Vicenza and “among the suspects” to face a preliminary investigation appear a famous singer known as Madame and the tennis player Giorgi, “who ended up in the investigation along with his brother, his mother and his father.”

Camila Giorgi is also dedicated to modeling, with her mother as a partner in that profession.

Last April, during an interview with Corriere, the reference of the women’s circuit defended herself against these statements: “The ongoing investigations are about the doctor from Vicenza, who mentioned names of famous people to cover her back, not about me. I am vaccinated in several places: vaccinated and calm, otherwise I would not have been able to play in recent months, as I have done. For me this story is over.”

On that same note, he delved into the family bond with his father, who settled in Italy after his return from the Falkland Islands and married a local citizen, Claudia. “In Argentina it was an extraordinary adventure, an important trip that reconnected me with my roots. I saw friends, relatives, family gathered. For once I was a tourist,” said Camila. She declared herself “in love” with the country in a talk with Danny Miche: “I told my father: ‘I want to live here.’ Hopefully it will be soon. “I am Italian, but I could never get very used to Europe.”

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