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What are the goals of the attacks against the Armenian Apostolic Church? Tigran Abrahamyan elaborates – 2024-03-30 15:20:15

2024-03-30 15:20:15

Tigran Abrahamyan, secretary of the NA “I have honor” faction, wrote on his Facebook page:

“The various attacks against the Armenian Apostolic Church pursue several main goals and they are carried out from one center.

Although different groups and tools are used in these attacks, they all serve a common purpose.

The first reason for the attacks on the church is that it has assumed the function of protecting the state and statehood more clearly in the conditions of the anti-state government of the day.

Secondly, the Mother See does not consider Artsakh to be the past, does not consider Artsakh’s page closed, and most importantly, does not consider the struggle for Artsakh to be over.

Thirdly, the Armenian Church has been an important system protecting the nation’s permanence for centuries and an immune institution protecting Armenians from various attacks, which has taken upon itself the attacks coming in the direction of the nation and statehood.

In the current situation, the Armenian Apostolic Holy Church will certainly not fail, but that is not the only expectation from it.

The Mother See, with the support and participation of all of us, should expand its influence and speech in all possible directions in order to prevent internal and external encroachments against our country, as much as its collective strength and opportunity will allow for the maximum implementation,” the deputy wrote.

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