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Yellow Night 2024: confirmed date and international star – 2024-03-30 14:52:55

“Yellow Night is coming, which will be on February 3. We are working to achieve a great star that comes this day. I don’t want to take away the emotion of the surprise. The Yellow Night Star “You can’t say it because it’s a surprise, we want it to be like every year.”he refused to reveal the footballer in question.

With ex-footballers of the caliber of Ronaldinho, Kaká, Pirlo, Del Piero, Forlán, Mascherano, Carlos Tevez and Sergio Agüeroare several of the top names that were tempted and offered: the Argentine Javier Zanetti (50 years), the Portuguese Luis Figo (51 years old), the Brazilian Rivaldo (51 years old) and Spanish Carles Puyol (45 years). Whoever it is will use the number 99 in reference to the years of the club.

In turn, Álvarez highlighted the importance of this event, which unites the fans with the players and which is usually a true party with a full stadium, althoughand they do not rule out that this time it will take place in the afternoon for security cuestions: “It’s going to be a nice afternoon/night where we will be together celebrating, seeing a great team mixed with experience and youth.”

“The Yellow Night is wonderful, I would like to be there,” said Pupi, director of Inter Milan. It has not yet been made official and, among several names that are heard, it could be part of a new edition in Guayaquil.

Zanetti, possible Yellow Night guest.

Another option that is being considered is that of Juan roman riquelmewho a year ago spoke with Carlos Alfaro Moreno and expressed his desire to be in this edition of the Yellow Night. “I have one last moment: a great ex, one of the best in the history of Argentine football, approached me, he was in front of me at the ceremony and he told me ‘I want to go to the Yellow Night…’. They call him Roman“, expressed the president to DS Sports Radio.

In 2023, The big event was very exciting for the yellow fans.. Celebrated on January 28, had Sergio Agüero as a guest but the one who took all the flashes was the idol Matias Oyolawho wore the legendary number 18 that accompanied him throughout his career and played his last game for the club.

Agüero, the star in Yellow Night 2023.

The story of the Yellow Night and its guests

This is the event where Barcelona presents its squad and uniform for the 2023 season and also plays a friendly match against a rival, usually international, although on this occasion it has not yet been confirmed which one it will be.

In addition, there are musical presentations or light shows to encourage the fans present before the main course, which is the match where the guest soccer player is also present.

This edition, as usual, will feature an established footballer as a guest.

Carlos Tevez, guest of the Yellow Night in 2022

Carlos Tevez, guest of the Yellow Night in 2022

Since 2016 this show has become more relevant, since from there a footballer is invited to be part of the team for that night. He is always a retired player, but who was a world star: the debutant was Ronaldinho Gaucho that revolutionized not only Barcelona, ​​but the city. The guests not only play on Yellow Night, they also have a dinner with club members and activities planned by the Guayaquil institution.

In 2017 the guest was Diego Forlán, the following year Kaká, in 2019 Andrea Pirlo, followed by his compatriot Alessandro Del Piero, in 2021 there was Javier Mascherano, the next Carlos Tevez and last year Kun Agüero. The guest always wears Barcelona’s anniversary number on his back… So we could almost assume that the guest will wear number 99, the club’s birthday in 2024.

Source: OLÈ.com

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