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Who is Ghazipur DM IAS Aryaka Akhoury who clashed with Afzal Ansari, biography, age, husband, batch and home town

Know the details and biography of Ghazipur DM IAS officer Aryaka Akhoury, who sparked social media discussion again after videos of her dispute with Afzal Ansari went viral

Following the burial of Mukhtar Ansari, a dispute erupted between his brother Afzal Ansari and Ghazipur District Magistrate Aryaka Akhoury, sparking widespread discussion on social media with the viral circulation of the video capturing the altercation. Aryaka Akhoury commenced her IAS career on 2nd September 2013. Following training in Mussoorie, she assumed her initial posting as Joint Magistrate in Varanasi.

Who is Ghazipur DM IAS Aryaka Akhoury who clashed with Afzal Ansari, biography, age, husband, batch and home town birth place

In 2022, IAS Aryaka Akhoury assumed the role of District Magistrate of Ghazipur, as part of a late September transfer involving several IAS officers. Aryaka, who previously served in Bhadohi, transitioned to her second district appointment as District Magistrate. In addition to enforcing the Gangster Act against former MLA Vijay Mishra, Aryaka also nullified many of his licensed weapons.

Who is Aryaka Akhoury?

DM Aryaka Akhoury has a history of dealing with prominent individuals. Previously, she gained attention for her efforts against criminal elements and arms proliferation in Bhadohi. She took a firm stance on maintaining law and order, which included pressing gangster charges against former MLA Vijay Mishra in Bhadohi and revoking licenses for numerous firearms.

Akhoury is a 2013 batch IAS officer and comes from Patna, Bihar. Her primary education was in Bihar and higher education was in New Delhi and she did her MSC from the Delhi University. Her first posting was in Bhadohi and then she became DM of Ghazipur in 2022. Before this she was the CDO in Varanasi and Meerut.

She was born on 14 December 1985 and is aged 38 and is single and unmarried.

IAS Aryaka Akhoury enforced a ban on wearing jeans and tops in government offices. During her tenure as DM in Bhadohi, she prohibited employees and officials from donning jeans and t-shirts at work. Her strict measures, such as warning of consequences and implementing bans on attire, garnered significant media coverage during her time in Bhadohi.

Originally from Bihar, Aryaka Akhoury belongs to the 2013 batch of IAS officers and pursued her higher education in New Delhi. Prior to her current position, she served as Joint Magistrate and CDO in Varanasi and Meerut. Recognized as one of the distinguished IAS officers of Uttar Pradesh, Aryaka Akhoury has once again captured the spotlight on social media following the altercation with Afzal Ansari.

we examine the personal life details about Aryaka:
  • Born: 14 December, 1985 (Patna, Bihar)
  • Age: 38-years-old
  • Education: MSc Biotech, Delhi University


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