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Lee Dong-guk opens up about rumors of 10 billion won worth of assets: “Jeonbuk salary king, top 5 in K-League”

Lee Dong-guk explained the 10 billion won fortune theory on his YouTube channel. Photo source = Capture from mobile broadcasting station

Lee Dong-gook, a former soccer player and broadcaster, revealed his wealth.

On the 28th, Lee Dong-gook took time to communicate with his fans, saying that his YouTube channel ‘Lee Dong-gook’ had surpassed 100,000 subscribers.

Lee Dong-guk responded to the comment, ‘I wonder how much his assets are,’ and expressed his affection for his five children by saying, “Aren’t all five of our poopies our assets?”

He continued, “If you look at (his assets) in terms of money, it’s because he was a professional athlete for 23 years,” and added, “I went to Jeonbuk Hyundai and received a comfortable salary.”

The production crew mentioned, “There is a saying in the soccer community that the combined annual salary of a player for 23 years is over 10 billion won.”

In response, Lee Dong-guk did not deny the theory that his assets were worth 10 billion won, and said, “I continued to receive over 1 billion won (annual salary) when I was at Jeonbuk Hyundai. “He continued to be ranked first in salary at Jeonbuk and was also in the top five overall in the K League,” he said.

In response to the question, ‘How does it feel to look good for 44 years?’, Lee Dong-guk said, “I think my face has improved since I turned 30 and became an old man, compared to when I was younger. “I don’t think it’s something that’s unpleasant to see,” he said.

However, when the production crew asked, “Just tell me whether you ever thought he was handsome or not,” Lee Dong-gook said, “Yes.” “When I go to an awards ceremony with full makeup on or see myself wearing clothes I don’t normally wear, I think it’s not that bad,” he said.

Born in 1979, Lee Dong-gook began his professional career by joining the Pohang Steelers in 1998. He played for SV Werder Bremen (2001), Gwangju Sangmu (2003-2005), Middlesbrough FC (2007-2008), Seongnam Ilhwa (2008) and Jeonbuk Hyundai (2009-2020). He also plays for the national football team, appearing in 105 A matches and scoring 33 goals. Lee Dong-guk married Lee Soo-jin, a former Miss Korea, in 2005, and they have four daughters and one son. This family was loved after appearing on the KBS 2TV entertainment show ‘The Return of Superman.’

Jo Yoo-kyung, reporter [email protected]

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