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Snow in Valtellina, Foscagno pass reopens: Livigno no longer isolated


Five young people stranded on an islet on the Brenta river were saved

Five young people, stuck by rising water on a small island in the middle of the Brenta river, in the Santa Croce Bigolina area in the municipality of Cittadella, were rescued by the firefighters. They had been on the island since Easter to spend the holidays camping when, due to the incessant rain, the river rose and they asked for help, no longer being able to cross the river.

Containment wall landslide in Bordighera, 4 families isolated

Four families, for a total of 12 people, were left isolated following the collapse of a retaining wall on private land in Bordighera. Residents can somehow overcome the landslide on foot, but not by transport. Among other things, it seems that the landslide movement is still active: on Tuesday in the sunlight an inspection will be carried out to establish its consistency.

Varesotto, families evacuated

In the province of Varese, in Leggiuno, three families were evacuated from their homes due to the swelling of a nearby watercourse, while in Sondrio the fire brigade teams are in action on the SP11 due to a landslide that isolated the Val Tartan.

Red snow on the Marmolada

The sand of the Sahara, thanks to the wave of bad weather and the strong wind that blows especially at high altitude, has transformed into red snow on the Marmolada. At Punta Penia, 3,343 meters high, in fact, the snow cover has taken on the typical reddish color of Saharan sand. The sand has made a “journey” of over 2,500 kilometers, also reaching the beaches of Riva del Garda, say the Meteotrentino experts.

Friuli, landslide falls on the A23 motorway

The A23 motorway was closed to traffic in both directions due to a landslide that fell in the municipality of Amaro (Udine). The heavy rains that fell in the area in the last few hours caused the rocks to detach. The roadway was invaded by rock debris and large boulders. Three vehicles were stranded due to the landslide, but no one was hit.

The avalanche warning rises in Lombardy

The risk of avalanches falling across the entire Lombardy Alpine range is very high and has risen to level 4 on a European scale which includes five levels. This was announced in the latest bulletin from the regional center of Arpa Lombardia. The heavy rainfall of the last 24 hours has brought 60-80 centimeters of fresh snow above 2,200-2,300 meters above sea level, raising the thickness of the snow cover even beyond 4 metres. Going below these altitudes the increases decrease rapidly to zero around 1,800-2000 metres, where the washout effect of the rain prevailed. “At high altitude the snow, with its loose cohesion, is heavily reworked by the wind – explain the experts from the Bormio center -. Excursions are strongly discouraged. Numerous natural avalanches of very large dimensions and in individual cases extreme, which can also interfere with the with roads at high altitude and exposed infrastructures. Going below 2,200 meters the snow becomes increasingly wetter and triggering is possible.”

A hiker died in Valbondione

A hiker was found lifeless in the province of Bergamo, in the Piane di Lizzola area, in Valbondione. After the alarm for the man’s failure to return, the VI Orobic Delegation of the Valbondione station intervened, with 10 Cnsas technicians involved.

Alert in Veneto for showers and thunderstorms

Unstable weather in Veneto throughout the day, with the Civil Protection’s yellow alert until 2pm on Tuesday due to hydrogeological criticalities in various basins. In fact, there will be showers and thunderstorms. A lot of snow fell during the night in the mountains, in particular in the Dolomites, in the Belluno area.

Prolonged alert on the Ligurian East

Arpal has extended the yellow hydrological alert on the large basins of the Ligurian East until Monday afternoon. After the rains, scattered showers or thunderstorms with strong winds on the ridges are also expected. The sea will be rough with storm surges along the exposed coasts.

Landslides in Liguria and roads blocked

In the Genoese hinterland, a landslide occurred on the Turchino state road 456, closing the road in Fado, in the municipality of Mele. There are some isolated houses and work is underway to remove the material from the roadway. The road also remains closed in Bargagli following a landslide, where work continues to remove the material.

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