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Cameroon in mourning: Haman Adama, the unforgettable Minister of Education, bows out – 2024-04-29 22:41:07

2024-04-29 22:41:07

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This is very sad news that comes to mourn Cameroon. Madam Haman Adama, the former Minister of Basic Education, has breathed her last. The news, which fell like a hammer, plunged the entire country into deep sadness, as reported by

The one who left her indelible mark on the Cameroonian education system leaves behind an immense legacy. A woman of conviction and commitment, Haman Adama dedicated her life to improving access and quality of education for all children in Cameroon, without distinction.

An exceptional journey in the service of education

Born in 1950 in Maroua, in the Far North of Cameroon, Haman Adama showed very early her taste for knowledge and her desire to pass it on. After brilliant studies which led her to a doctorate, she embraced a teaching career which filled her with happiness.

But it was truly in 2004, when she was appointed Minister of Basic Education, that Haman Adama gave the full measure of her talent and commitment. In this strategic position, she will initiate courageous and innovative reforms to democratize access to school and improve students’ learning conditions.

Among its feats of arms, we will notably note the construction of thousands of classrooms across the country, the massive distribution of free school textbooks, the upgrading of the status of teachers and the introduction of mother tongues into the school curriculum. Major advances which have lastingly transformed the face of Cameroonian schools.

An inspiration for an entire generation

But beyond his impressive record, it is above all through his luminous personality that Haman Adama left his mark. A woman of dialogue and listening, she has always been able to unite around her vision, even in the most difficult times.

For a whole generation of young Cameroonians, she will remain an inspiring model, living proof that with work, determination and integrity, you can climb to the highest levels, whatever your gender or origin. A pioneer who paved the way for so many others after her.

Today, all of Cameroon is mourning this great lady. From the classrooms of Yaoundé to the most remote villages of the north, his name resonates in the hearts of millions of students and teachers who owe him so much. His passing leaves an immense void, but his legacy will remain forever.

Rest in peace, Haman Adama. Cameroon will not forget you. 🙏🏿

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