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Kuki Chin is making their position known again: Home Minister – 2024-04-04 06:36:58

Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan said, on Tuesday I suddenly heard that there was an attempt to rob a bank in the hills. The information coming to us is that the Kuki Chin group, who had earlier stayed at a place in Bandarban and arranged training with the militants. Our RAB and army have removed that base. Lately, Cookie China is once again asserting its position in different ways.

The minister said this to reporters in his office at the secretariat on Wednesday (April 3).

At this time, the Home Minister said that all kinds of measures will be taken against those involved in the bank attack and robbery in Ruma and Thanchi of Bandarban. He said, we will do whatever we have to do in this regard. We will take action against all those who are involved or have done so.

The incident in Ruma that we have heard so far, our IGP and senior officials are staying there. Before entering Sonali Bank in Ruma, they shut down the electrical sub-station and proceeded towards the bank. Police were deployed there. The police and the bank manager were all in Tarawi prayer. At that time they broke in and injured two policemen and looted two SMGs and eight Chinese rifles. They also took the Ansar’s shotguns in the upazila complex – said the minister.

He said, one vault of Sonali Bank was broken, another could not be found. I have not received the official news yet. We are saying what we have heard. Sonali took the bank manager hostage. How much money has been taken, it has not come officially yet.

Today during the day we saw that Krishi and Sonali banks were attacked in Thanchi. This operation is still going on. Our police are firing there. He also said that he could not tell how much money was taken from there or the extent of the damage.

Stating that the government has enough force there, he said, till now there are police and BGB there. If necessary, the army will also go there.

This is completely new to us. Thanchi is a peaceful area. It is a major travel destination for tourists. Ruma was also a peaceful place, there had been peace for several days. Why they chose that place is all to be seen. We will take necessary measures after seeing them, God willing.

Regarding the killing of Bangladeshis on the Bharti border, the Home Minister said that border killings are being discussed with both the countries. There is a cycle in that country on the border, there is also a cycle in our country. Those who do illegal business. The products of this country are taken to that country, the products of that country are brought to this country. Those who live on the border are violent, I will call them violent, they do not obey any rules. Sometimes they enter that country, and sometimes they move to this country. Then the incident happened with the border guards.

When the attention was drawn to the fact that only Bangladeshi people are being killed on the border, the minister said that this is not correct. When people from Bangladesh enter that country, there is casualness. When the people of that country come to our country, we follow so as not to be killed. Negotiations are underway with that country to use non-lethal weapons (not lethal) to avoid casualties.

Militancy is on the rise in Buet – Regarding the complaint of Chhatra League, the minister said that we do not have information about this, the information is enough – everyone will follow the instructions given by the High Court. Since politics is not banned in educational institutions, it was banned in BUET, an order has been passed on it.

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