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“No break in dialogue” with Éric Zemmour, assures Marion Maréchal

2024-04-04 03:00:05

Marion Maréchal denies this. “I am absolutely not, contrary to what has been said, out of dialogue with Éric (Zemmour),” assured the candidate to the Europeans, during a press point before the start of her meeting in Isère.

“We discuss and when we don’t agree on one thing, we think about the most intelligent way to find a compromise,” she explained, assuring that they both had “a single obsession »: “ensure that on June 9, Reconquest gets the best score and sends the maximum number of elected officials”.

VIDEO. “Reconquest is more to the right than the RN”: at the Marion Maréchal meeting, those disappointed with Le Pen dream of Europe

“So sometimes we have debates about the best way to get there, but it seems logical and useful to me, and then we arrive at a compromise in the end to ensure that everyone is happy with the way the campaign is run “, she continued.

A thousand people

Around a thousand people, according to the organizers, gathered in Charvieu-Chavagneux (Isère), whose mayor is a supporter of the Reconquest party, to attend the meeting of Marion Maréchal and number 2 on the list Guillaume Peltier.

Around fifty opponents of Reconquête, who responded to a call from LFI, demonstrated, remotely, on the sidelines of the meeting.

According to a Toluna-Harris Interactive poll published Wednesday, Marion Maréchal’s Reconquest list is stable at 6% of voting intentions. The RN list is at the top of voting intentions with 31%, ahead of that of the Macronist majority by 14 points.

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