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Armenia is on the path of diversifying its foreign policy. Makuntz (Video) – 2024-03-28 17:30:22

2024-03-28 17:30:22

The Republic of Armenia is on the path of diversifying its foreign policy, Armenian Ambassador to the USA Lilit Makunts said in a conversation with “Azatutyan”.

Emphasizing that Armenia’s priorities continue to be security, inviolability of borders, sovereignty, independence, democracy of the Republic of Armenia, Makunts stressed that this is the benchmark, and all steps, including in Washington, are aimed at serving and protecting these fundamental interests.

Yerevan should move in the direction of continuously increasing the pace of Armenian-American relations, the ambassador said.

“The development of Armenian-American relations and the preservation and regulation of neighborly relations with all neighbors in the region are not opposed to each other. Armenia’s steps are not directed against any third country, but are aimed at comprehensively protecting our vital interests,” Makunts emphasized.

Moscow accuses the West of trying to push it out of the region. Yerevan also counters that there is no agenda to expel Russia on the agenda of Armenia-EU, Armenia-USA relations, “Yerevan has just started discussing issues related to the security sphere with its Western partners.”

The entire interview is in the video.

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