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“The Great Silk Road”: 2 semi-finals, 2 finals, 2 bronze medals – PHOTO – 2024-04-02 17:44:03

2024-04-02 17:44:03

The international tournament “The Great Silk Road” continues in Baku, in which men and women boxers participate.

As reported by İ, on the third day of the competition, in which 121 athletes from 11 countries participate, 5 more members of the Azerbaijani national team passed the stage.

In the 67 kg weight category, Ilgar Salakhov fought with Pakistani Muhammad Osama in the 1/4 finals. He won the second round by a large margin and reached the semi-finals, securing himself at least a bronze medal. On his way to the final, Salakhov will meet Mehdi Amirizafar (Iran).

There were two Azerbaijani fights in the 75 kg weight category. Kamran Shakhsuvarly won with a score of 5:0 Novruzali Khudueva (30:27, 30:27, 29:28, 30:27, 30:27), and Mirsharif Kazimzade defeated Farkhad Sheydayev (30:27, 30:27, 30:25 , 29:28, 30:27) and reached the semi-finals. Having secured at least bronze medals, our boxers will compete in the next fights with Saijamshid Jafarov and Javakhir Ummataliev (both from Uzbekistan).

The license holder for the Paris 2024 Summer Olympics, Murad Allahverdiev, reached the final. Our boxer, who entered the ring weighing 86 kg, turned out to be stronger than Bekzat Tangatara (Kazakhstan) – 4:1 (27:30, 30:27, 30:27, 29:28, 29:28). He will find out his relationship with Khasmagomed Javakhanov (Russia) in the decisive match.

Alfonso Dominguez also walked away from the semi-finals with a win in the 92kg category. Our world champion defeated Diorbek Uralov from Uzbekistan with a score of 5:0 (30:27, 30:27, 30:27, 30:27, 29:28). In the fight for the gold medal, Dominguez will meet Togambay Sadyndik (Kazakhstan).

Sarkhan Budagov (80 kg) and Magomed Abdullaev (+92 kg) finished the tournament with bronze medals. The first of them lost to Fazliddin Erkinboev (Uzbekistan), and Abdullaev did not fight Jahongir Zokirov (Uzbekistan) due to an injury in the quarterfinals.

Let us note that the fights of the fourth day of the competition, taking place at the Boxing Center, will begin at 14:00. The final of the tournament will take place on March 28.


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