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The richest actress in the North lives a luxurious life that thousands of people desire

La Thanh Huyen Born in 1985, she branched out into acting and was successful with series such as: Love without appointment, Zippo, mustard and you, Love and ambition… Photo: FBNVNot only successful in her acting career, La Thanh Huyen is also known as “The richest actress in the North“. Photo: FBNVLa Thanh Huyen currently lives with her husband and son in a riverside villa in a luxury housing area in Hanoi. Photo: FBNVThe villa has an area of ​​450 square meters with a 150 square meter garden. Her family bought it for 2 million USD (nearly 50 billion VND), plus about 10 billion VND for furniture and took nearly 2 years to repair. Photo: FBNVAlso, family actress La Thanh Huyen also owns a beautiful Phan Thiet beach villa no different from a luxurious mansion. Photo: FBNVShe said this is a place where every detail bears her and her family’s personal mark. Photo: FBNVMarried to a rich man, the actress is currently the general director of a diamond company and runs a family supermarket system. Photo: FBNVShe also has a passion for real estate and often shows off the interiors of her apartments, making many people admire. Photo: FBNVThe actress is not afraid to invest in the most luxurious branded items. Photo: FBNVIt can be said that at the age of 40, actress La Thanh Huyen has everything that many people dream of, from youthful beauty, a happy family to a brilliant career. Photo: FBNVBeing rich, La Thanh Huyen has the means to take care of her appearance, so she always looks youthful and attractive. Photo: FBNVThe beauty’s luxurious life makes many people admire. Photo: FBNVWatch the video “La Thanh Huyen wears tens of billions of diamonds to launch new movie”. Source Vietnamnet

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