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World Heritage Cities advocate for a “truly sustainable” tourism model

2024-05-11 12:41:16

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The mayor of Santiago de Compostela, Goretti Sanmartínwho will assume the presidency of the Group of World Heritage Cities (GCPH) starting next July 1, he has warned in Ibiza that it must change the tourism model for one that is “truly sustainable.”

Sanmartín made these statements during the celebration of the General Assembly of the GCPH, which took place this Saturday in the Ibizan capital, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the declaration of Ibiza as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

You have indicated that you should look for a “Qualitative” tourism model in which visitors stay longer and experience the cities “in another way”, walking towards a “deseasonalization” to prevent tourist flows from concentrating at certain times and in certain areas.

With the debate on vacation homes and overcrowding open, Sanmartín has been clear and has warned that “special care must be taken” with the current tourism model, which in recent years has led to a “quantity model.”

Regulate tourist housing

The mayor defends a “green, cultural, gastronomic” tourism model that gives prominence to the rich heritage that we have.or in front of a rapid consumption model”.

In this sense, he recalled that in Compostela there has been “progress” in the regulation of tourist housing, limiting them through the general urban planning plan, and has urged the need to “fight everything that refers to illegality.”

Looking ahead to the assumption of the Presidency of the GCPH, announced by the current president, the mayor of San Cristóbal de la Laguna, Luis Yeray Gutiérrez, Sanmartín has indicated that he faces it as “a challenge”, but with “a lot of desire”.

In his new mandate, which will last for one year, he intends that the “voice” of the 25 World Heritage Cities be heard in “every place.” “A voice that speaks of a way of doing tourism in a different way, sustainable tourism, tourism that is committed to the cultural route and heritage responsibility.”

He added that a strategic plan must be drawn up in which the “straight that we have ahead of us after 30 years walking together.

In relation to tourist rentals, the current president has also pointed out that a “common front” must be formed and a “clear and clear message” must be sent to prevent residents of heritage environments from being forced to move to the periphery. “This coexistence must be real,” he pointed out, to indicate that there must be take action “imminently”.

Limit cars

The mayor of Ibiza city and host of the meeting, Rafael Triguerorecalled the bill approved this Friday by the island executive to limit the entry of vehicles or the measures adopted to combat the intrusion regarding illegal rental.

Triguero has made reference to the different settlements existing on the island, due to the high rental prices, and has indicated that they are situations that must be “rearranged” and be “able to provide a response” to all those who are experiencing it.

Yeray has announced the start of a campaign promotion in Mexico and Dublinboth with the help of Turespaña and Paradores Nacionales, with actions that, as he said, will allow “strengthening” the World Heritage Cities brand.

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