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Gangnam-gu, ‘Gangnam that only I want to know, enter the video contest~!’

Gangnam-gu is holding a 60-second video contest called ‘Gangnam Only I Want to Know’. Gangnam-gu, a city where dreams gather and envisions the future (Chairman Jo Seong-myeong), is holding a 60-second video contest called ‘Gangnam Only I Want to Know’ and is accepting entries from April 1 to April 30.

The contest, now in its third year, is a vertical video contest of approximately 60 seconds that captures the various charms of Gangnam. The 132 works from the last contest have established themselves as popular content in Gangnam-gu, with an average view count of about 30% higher than that of other content. In the last contest, we invited works under the theme of ‘Gangnam’s charm’, but this time we changed the theme to ‘Gangnam that only I want to know’ and plan to discover a Gangnam promotional video with original planning and personality.

Anyone can participate in the contest without age or residence restrictions. ▲Things to see and do in Gangnam ▲Reviews or interview content about participation in Gangnam-gu’s major policies and events ▲Produce a video that freely expresses content related to Gangnam-gu’s slogan ‘A city where dreams gather, Gangnam that envisions the future’ and post it on personal SNS and video platforms , just add the hashtag (#60secondGangnam #Gangnam, the city where dreams come together, drawing the future). If you submit an application including a link to the post through the Google form of the QR code on the contest poster, 40 excellent works will be selected through screening.

Up to three works can be submitted per person (team). If you submit multiple works, you must combine them and apply at once. If you submit your work as a group, you can submit it as a single representative. The total prize money is 20 million won, with each episode receiving a prize of 500,000 won. Each person (team) can submit up to three works, so they can win up to 1.5 million won.

The selection results will be posted on the district office website notice on June 10th and notified individually. The selected works will be sequentially posted on representative social media such as Gangnam-gu’s official YouTube channel and Instagram, and will be used in various ways to promote the Lunar New Year online.

Gangnam-gu Mayor Cho Seong-myeong said, “We are actively using short-form videos, which are a recent trend, not only to introduce tourism and attractions, but also to promote policies that are beneficial to residents.” He added, “This contest is a fun event to share with many people the charms of Gangnam that only I want to know about.” “I hope so,” he said.

Queen reporter Choi Hana photo Gangnam-gu


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