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With the new look of Arfi Javed, fans started asking surprising questions

2024-05-14 00:05:23

(24News) The new look of Indian actress alias Javed, who is famous for her bold and immoral clothes, has surprised the social media users.

Arfi has shared his picture on the social networking site Instagram, after seeing which the users have gone crazy, everyone is looking worried for him and asking if Arfi has not got cancer. In fact, she has shaved her head and shared the picture, the users were surprised to see this new look of Arfi, usually Arfi Javed is a target of critics for wearing different styles of clothes, but this time she did something unique. And push new boundaries to become more viral.

In the new post, the actress is apparently seen in a car, but a closer look at her photo shows the use of a filter and light hair on her head. , someone praised his new look, while someone called it a mere use of a filter.

Users gave various comments about her new look, one wrote that we are with you in expressing solidarity with cancer patients, someone nicknamed her Ghajini, referring to Aamir Khan’s famous film Ghajini. One user called her Ghajini’s sister. Several users suspected cancer and asked if she had cancer.

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2024-05-14 00:05:23

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