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How to create images with AI Bing

Tools powered by artificial intelligence They were the boom during 2023, that is why various platforms have developed various applications for common use. One of them is “AI Bing”launched for the creation of new images made with AI.

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Also known as “Bing Image Creator”this tool was developed after a strong investment by Microsoft and its bases are inspired by “GIVE HER”another artificial intelligence developed for image creation.

What is the step by step to use AI Bing?

To be able to create new works or images with the input of your ideas through specific textsyou must first enter the page and follow each of the following steps.

  • You will need to register on their official site or log in with your Microsoft account.
  • After that, you will appear within the interface, which is now also powered by “Copilot”.
  • Finally, you must specifically enter the image you want to be created with text.

AI Bing

And voila, you will have developed your first image with AI Bingin case you have a creative block or don’t know what your first work could be, press the option “Sopréndem” and the app will take care of create a concept for you.

All these images you can download them to your computer and share them on your social networks. Remember that the more specific you are, the better results you will be able to obtain.

Don’t forget that also you can play with the prompts to improve the final results of each image.


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