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Who is Princess Diana and is she really the reason for beef between Drake and Future

Princess Diana responded to the rumors which suggested that she is the source of conflict between Drake and Future

Over the weekend, online sleuths delved into the mystery of the feud between Drake and Future following the release of “We Don’t Trust You” with Metro Boomin, where the latter seemingly targeted his longtime collaborator. Speculation swirled around a woman, whose identity circulated online, prompting her to address the rumors.

Who is Princess Diana and is she really the reason for beef between rappers Drake and Future

How Princess Diana reacted to the rumors?

During an Instagram live session on Tuesday, Diana, also known as Princess Diana, distanced herself from being the central figure in the disagreement. She emphasized that the argument did not revolve around her, despite one of the tracks on the album bearing the title “Magic Don Juan (Princess Diana).” Asserting her identity as an ordinary individual, she expressed insignificance, highlighting that the focus should not be on her.

Diana refrained from directly mentioning the Toronto superstar or the Atlanta rapper by name. She conveyed that she saw no need to address or resolve anything since those familiar with the situation understood, which was all that mattered. Dismissing the necessity of explanations, she added that individuals would believe what they wanted, rendering clarification insignificant.

Diana revealed that she is presently in a relationship and expressed her confidence by stating that her partner doesn’t care about the incident and instead finds the whole fiasco amazing. Earlier in the week, Metro Boomin also expressed similar thoughts, admonishing fans who were trying to connect Diana’s Instagram page with the album track. He advised fans to refrain from fabricating stories for attention and instead appreciate the music.

Why there is an ongoing rift between Drake and Future?

Notably, the opening title track of the album also stirred speculation, with listeners interpreting Future’s lyrics as veiled criticisms aimed at Drake. Lines such as “You a ni**a number one fan, dog/ Sneak dissin’, I don’t understand, dog/ Pillowtalkin’, actin’ like a fed, dog/ I don’t need another fake friend, dog/ Can’t be ’bout a h**, ’cause we sharin’, dog/ In your feelings, ni**a, why you playin’, dog?” were perceived as allusions to Drake’s popular song “In My Feelings.”

Fans speculated about potential underlying issues between them due to this, combined with other verses on the album and the absence of collaboration between the two artists since 2022. Additionally, rumors circulated about Future’s dissatisfaction with Drake’s collaboration with 21 Savage on their November 2022 album, “Her Loss.” N.O.R.E. discussed these rumors on The Breakfast Club, highlighting their impact on the relationship between Drake and Future.


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