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‘Fools of the Apocalypse’, the story of people living today despite the predicted apocalypse

Depicting the daily lives of people facing the inevitable end!

The Netflix series ‘Fool of the Apocalypse’, which depicts the story of the D-200, a world in chaos due to the imminent apocalypse and the people who live together today until the end, is confirmed to be released on April 26th and teaser poster is released. was revealed.

The released teaser poster captures attention by depicting the Korean Peninsula in chaos, with only 200 days left until the asteroid falls. One day, Korea, which became a direct impact area of ​​an asteroid heading toward Earth, faces the inevitable end of the apocalypse. Disaster news reported every day and scenes of citizens’ protests surrounding buildings foreshadow the Korean Peninsula facing a variety of problems, including conflicts between people surrounding the apocalypse, people hoping to escape to safe areas, and various crimes occurring here and there. . Here, the copy “We are waiting for the apocalypse” stimulates curiosity about the various stories of people waiting for the apocalypse in their own way, raising expectations for ‘The Fool of the Apocalypse’, which will introduce a new dystopian genre never seen before. Raise it.

‘The Fool of the End’ is based on the novel ‘The Fool of the End’ by Kotaro Isaka, a representative Japanese writer who looks at the other side of social phenomena with a unique, deep and warm perspective. Here, director Kim Jin-min, who showed off his detailed and skillful directing skills in various genres such as ‘Human Lessons’ and ‘​My Name’, and Jeong Seong-ju, who showed off his sharp portrayal of reality and solid writing skills in ‘Secret Love Affair’ and ‘Heard It Through the Grapevine’. The writer met. Director Kim Jin-min said, “It is not a story of a completely destroyed Earth, but a story just before the arrival of such a world. “It contains concerns about how humans will reveal themselves if such a day comes,” said writer Jeong Seong-ju, adding, “This is the story of survivors who survived the horrors of riots, looting, and civil war that began as soon as the announcement of the asteroid impact.” It raises expectations for a work that will depict various stories of Korean society facing .

The characters portrayed in detail by actors with strong personalities are also a point that cannot be missed.

First, Ahn Eun-jin, who captivated the public with the dramas ‘Lovers’ and ‘Wise Doctor’s Life’, and the movie ‘Citizen Deok-hee’, plays Jin Se-kyung, a middle school teacher who protects children in danger by volunteering at the City Hall’s Children and Youth Department after the asteroid outbreak. ‘He takes on the role and leads the play. Here are the dramas ‘Prosecutor’s Civil War’ and ‘Oh! ‘Samkwang Villa!’ Jeon Seong-woo, who has left a mark on viewers with his works such as “Woo Seong-jae,” will play the role of Woo Seong-jae, an assistant priest who takes care of the believers in place of the head priest who disappeared before the predicted apocalypse. Kim Yoon-hye, who received attention for her unique presence in dramas such as ‘Vincenzo’ and ‘Shooting Star’, also played the role of ‘Kang In-ah’, a company commander of a combat service support battalion who travels throughout the ruins of Ungcheon City to transport supplies and maintain public order, giving an irreplaceable performance. will be presented.

Photo by Reporter Shin Shin-seop Netflix


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