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President Petro proposes to discuss nine issues in the constituent assembly – 2024-03-30 16:55:32

2024-03-30 16:55:32

In a publication on his official account on the social network X, President Gustavo Petro reaffirmed the need to start a constituent process in Colombia.

In his message, he highlighted the importance of reorganizing the territory, fully guaranteeing the rights enshrined in the 1991 Charter and comply with the commitments established in the Peace Agreement.

The president detailed nine points that he proposes be discussed in a constituent assembly, underscoring the urgency of addressing these issues to move towards a more just and equitable country.

In a document titled ‘The Constituent Power in Colombia’, shared for reflection during Holy Week, Petro made a series of considerations about the implementation of the 1991 Political Constitution.

He highlighted two areas in which he considers that the Constitution has been counter-reformed: public education and agrarian reform. Regarding education, he regretted that the counter-reform has limited the growth of resources allocated to this sector, which has generated a deficient educational system. Regarding agrarian reform, he criticized the elimination of land expropriation through administrative means, which prevented a fair redistribution of land and affected the 2016 peace process.

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The president pointed out that many of the orders given by the constituent to the legislator have not been fulfilledincluding the need for a new territorial organization and the implementation of the Labor Statute. According to Petro, political power in Colombia is still based on the territorial order of 1886, which he considers obsolete and unfair.

In his analysis, Petro highlighted the importance of a new territorial order focused on water and culture, as well as the need for labor reforms that protect workers’ rights and promote job stability.

Finally, the president emphasized that the 1991 Constitution did not propose socialismbut to end feudalism and move towards a productive and competitive capitalism in collaboration with workers and the peasantry, a goal that, according to him, has not yet been achieved.

With these considerations, Petro advocates for a constituent process that allows addressing the necessary reforms to build a more equitable country.

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