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Who is pediatric nurse and writer Harriet Sperling new girlfriend of Peter Phillips

The nephew of the King, Peter Phillips, has ventured back into the dating scene just a month after his previous three-year relationship came to an end with him now dating nurse Harriet Sperling

For the unversed, Peter Phillips and Harriet Sperling were seen together throughout the weekend at Badminton, walking hand in hand amidst the crowds and hardly parting from each other.

Who is pediatric nurse Harriet Sperling girlfriend of Peter Phillips

Harriet, a pediatric specialist nurse and freelance writer in her forties, radiated joy in a pink maxi dress and sunglasses on Saturday.

The couple observed the cross-country horse riding from a sponsor’s tent before departing in a vehicle accompanied by Peter’s daughters, Savannah, 13, and Isla, 12.

They returned to the elegant Gloucestershire event yesterday, where Peter exchanged warm greetings with Queen Camilla. The two royals engaged in brief conversation while Harriet, the stylish mother, observed.

It remains uncertain whether she has formally met the Queen, or Peter’s mother Princess Anne and stepfather Sir Tim Laurence.

Peter’s father is Captain Mark Phillips, and his sister Zara Tindall, 42, along with her husband Mike, 45, also attended the equestrian event over the weekend.

A witness described Peter and Harriet as “completely smitten,” noting Peter’s radiant grin and carefree demeanor.

He appeared delighted and untroubled by onlookers, while Harriet seemed content and at ease in his company, enjoying the spotlight at one of the most prominent social gatherings in the equestrian community.

About Harriet Sperling

Harriet, a devoted Christian and single mother, has had a fulfilling career in both medicine and writing.

Recently, she eloquently shared how her faith has been instrumental in raising her daughter alone.

Harriet, a medical hero, has built a commendable career on the frontline of the NHS as a specialist pediatric nurse.

In 2010, she was part of a large medical team that worked tirelessly to save the life of Phineas Cockerham, an immunocompromised baby, earning praise from his father.

Recalling the event, Harriet emphasized the swift response of her team, noting, “Just 20 minutes after the call to retrieve Phineas, the intensive care ambulance was en route.”

Thanks to their heroic efforts, Phineas survived, prompting his father, Michael Cockerham, to photograph each of the 63 medical professionals involved in his child’s care.

Although it was previously confirmed that Peter had met someone special, this is the first time the new couple has been spotted together in public, capturing attention and photographs.

Peter, reputed to be the late Queen’s favored grandson and notably close to his uncle, King Charles, has recently made headlines for his budding relationship with Harriet.

This development comes shortly after Peter, who stands 18th in the line of succession to the throne, ended a three-year relationship with his former partner, Lindsay Wallace, aged 43.

Prior to his involvement with Harriet, Peter married Autumn Kelly in 2008, following their engagement the previous year. However, their 13-year marriage came to an end in 2021.

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