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Serious accusations by Daniela Aránguiz against Valdivia and Orsini – 2024-03-28 07:15:04

2024-03-28 07:15:04

The Tierra Brava participant launched herself against her ex-husband and her current partner, but although she later deleted her words, a entertainment portal took a screenshot of them and shared them.

Daniela Aránguiz accused Jorge Valdivia of having “completely abandoned” his children and assured that the former soccer player’s girlfriend, the deputy Maite Orsini verbally abused them and called her a “bitch”.

The Tierra Brava participant used her Instagram account to share a story in which She attacked her ex-husband and his new partner with everything.

Although he later deleted it, The Maldita Farándula site took a screenshot of the statements of the former Mekano and also shared them on her own Instagram account.

“And to think that this weekend he had to be with his children and I am not able to go look for them or leave my children to the activities they have.“, the influencer’s post began.

She added that her ex-husband “leaves them waiting and has them completely abandoned“.

Daniela accused Orsini of mistreating her children

“I tell you this because it catches my attention that When a man separates, he thinks he is also separating from his children and abandons them., completely violating them. It’s a shame, since I was also a daughter abandoned by her father“, he assured.

Later Daniela Aránguiz stated that “it is also a shame that men punish their children for not accepting their partners. Especially when these couples have mistreated their children, like what happened in this case.“said the participant in the Channel 13 reality show.

“It makes me very sad how they laugh at people. That Maite does so many campaigns when she verbally abused my people“, he stated next.

Then he said that the parliamentarian “She’s a bitch and I hope she never crosses my path.. I say it because I fear only God,” she closed.

The post was uploaded by Aránguiz, following Orsini’s publication about a vegan cooking workshop with Valdivia.

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