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Who is Dustin Ebey who changed his name to ‘Literally Anybody Else’ to contest in 2024 US Presedential elections

Know the identity, biography, profession and career journey of the 35-year-old American teacher Dustin Ebey, who changed his name to ‘Literally Anybody Else’

A 35-year-old man from Texas, USA, has made headlines by legally changing his name to ‘Literally Anybody Else’ as a bold move to run for the upcoming presidential election in November. Formerly known as Dustin Ebey, he expressed his discontent with the dominance of President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump in the current political scene.

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Who is Dustin Ebey who changed his name to ‘Literally Anybody Else’ to contest in the 2024 US Presedential elections

Mr. Ebey, a former US Army veteran now serving as a seventh-grade math instructor in the outskirts of Dallas, has successfully completed the legal process to change his name. Following approval by a judge, he has acquired an official driver’s license reflecting his new name. Although there isn’t much information available regarding the personal life of Dustin, reports state that he is affiliated with the Watauga Middle School, where he teaches math.

Who is Dustin Ebey?

Explaining his decision to change his name, now ‘Literally Anybody Else,’ Ebey emphasized his belief that Americans deserve better choices than those offered by the two major parties, the Democrats and Republicans. His campaign, detailed on his website, prioritizes genuine solutions over mere rhetoric, focusing on issues like reducing recidivism and investing in infrastructure.

He aims to gather 113,151 signatures from non-primary voters in Texas by May to qualify for the race, relying on a write-in campaign due to the challenge of traditional ballot access. Ebey, an Army veteran and math teacher from North Richland Hills, initially considered running under an alias but realized it would lead to disqualification in some states. Thus, in January of this year, he made the bold decision to legally change his name and announce his candidacy.

Dustin’s platform emphasizes the need to move beyond partisan divisions, arguing that America deserves more than the same familiar faces such as the “King of Debt” and an 81-year-old. As the presidential elections draw near, President Biden campaigns for a second term while former President Trump eyes a comeback to the White House.


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