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Two years to see the results of the ‘seed’ of faith! – 2024-03-30 03:40:16

Sowing is over. Now it’s time to serve. How long will this service last? When will the result? The answer was given by the one who sowed the seed of faith.

Nick Pothus is serving as the assistant coach of the national team. Chandika Hathurusinghe, who was recommended by the batting coach to be placed in this position, is not in the Chittagong Test against Sri Lanka. So Pothus moved from assistant to head coach. Pothos, always busy practicing, continued to work on this and that. Now the main responsibility is on his shoulders, so this South African coach is doing extra work.

Since his appointment, some of his words have been on the lips of local media persons. As in, ‘procedures must be followed. Don’t worry about the results. If you follow the process, you will get results at some point.’

Bangladesh has been playing international cricket for a long time. But even at this time, if the process has to be followed, if the team has to enter the field without thinking about the result, then it is a big question whether the team is on the right track. In Chittagong, Pothas also spread the same hope.

Bangladesh played Test in Sylhet without Shakib, Tamim, Mushfiq, Mahmudullah. It was the first Test without the four since the Mount Manganui Test in 2022. After the humiliating loss of 328 runs in the match, the young, promising cricketers are talking a lot. There is no question about their ability. Questions about their test playing mentality, attitude. The way the batsmen threw wickets, gave up at difficult moments, tried to play shots instead of staying on the wicket, and above all, without showing the least fighting spirit, pushed the team into disaster.

No one hesitates to say that experience is lacking. Shant, Zaker, Joy, Shahadat none of them are experienced in cricket in whites. After their arrival, they impressed with an eye-catching innings. But the performance is not consistent at all. Team management has given many opportunities before them. But many could not use the opportunity on the big stage.

However, the cricketers in the current brigade are considered to be long race horses. For this reason, the team management plans to make them efficient by giving them sufficient opportunities to rub the table and take care of them. Hathurusinghe, Pothas have sown the seeds that the team is trusting them, the team management is trusting them. Now the service will continue for a long time. Expect best performance from them after two years.

“I think we’re missing a point,” Pothus said in Chittagong. Our team is young and inexperienced. This team used to have elite cricketers. Now they have to make it. At this moment, we have only one thing to do, to be patient. These young players are very talented. They are playing against an experienced team at the moment.’

‘Compared to our children, it takes time when they go to a new environment. They do not become experienced very easily. That is why they have to pay in school. This group is awesome. It is better to judge them with two years’ time than to judge them now.’

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