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Paula Pavic confessed about her current relationship with Marcelo Ríos – 2024-03-30 03:28:51

2024-03-30 03:28:51

Paula Pavic opened up about her relationship and future expectations with the former tennis player.

Paula Pavic She referred to the current relationship she has with her ex-husband, Marcelo Rioswith whom he had three children and shared 16 years of his life, until they separated in 2023.

In the CHV program La Divina Comida, Pavic opened up about the feelings he has for the former tennis player. In this sense, he confessed that although they are separated, he still has a “unconditional love” for him.

“I feel that… that my love for him is unconditional“, he started saying in said space.

It is for this reason that the woman declared that she wants to resume the friendship they once had, and in this way, be able to get along in the best way in the family environment.

My dream is to be friends with him at some point and thus be able to go out with the children together. and have conversations about ‘tell me how your life is’ and ‘I’ll tell me about mine’, because at some point we were friends“, he announced in front of the other guests of the program.

Paula Pavic opened up about her relationship with Marcelo Ríos

On the other hand, Paula Pavic addressed the current relationship she has with Marcelo Ríos and stressed that it is cordial. In fact, she said that the retired tennis player takes his 18-year-old partner home without any problem.

The topic is super cordial, in fact, he goes home with his girlfriend“, he detailed.

A while ago, the influencer also spoke about her feelings towards her ex-partner, ensuring that “I will always love him, but I stopped loving him as a couple“.

To which he added in Velvet Magazine: “I couldn’t kiss him today. It’s heavy; We haven’t talked about it, I think he hasn’t assumed it yet.“.

“I started to leave myself aside again and to normalize things that were not. He didn’t have the same interest in me that he did in other people.“She concluded on that occasion about what motivated her to make the decision to separate.

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