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10 expectations from the new AFFA president – LIST – 2024-03-30 03:46:45

The AFFA Report and Election Conference will be held on April 2.

İ reports that the 4th president of the organization will be elected at the event.

The only candidate for this position is the head of SOCAR, Rovshan Najaf. He will replace his predecessor as president of this organization, Rovnag Abdullayev.

Major changes to the association will occur not only in the leadership, but also in the Executive Committee and other senior positions. Time will tell if this will lead to changes in our football.

Expectations and hopes from the new leadership of AFFA are high. Yashar Sultanov, a former member of the organization’s executive committee, on his Facebook page presented a list of what is expected from Rovshan Najaf:

1. Taking into account the experience and practical indicators of the leading football countries of the world, a new, completely modern, realistic, functional and flexible program for the comprehensive, sustainable and productive development of football in the country should be prepared and submitted to the relevant structures.

2. Administrative and sports institutions of the country, especially municipalities and local executive bodies, must be directly involved in the implementation of this program. The AFFA structures and Executive Committee should attract talented, influential people with rich careers, possessing special management skills, professional sports journalists related to football and sports, creating suitable conditions for their active work.

3. The strategy and purpose of the national championship must be clearly defined, the results of the relevant periods must be carefully analyzed, the trajectory of development or decline must be clearly visible. In the Premier League, the foreign player limit should not exceed 4 people, and the maximum opportunity for the participation of local footballers should be created. The policy of nationalization must end, both in clubs and at national level, and situations like this must be prevented. In order to reduce the degree of dependence of clubs on any financial donors and sponsors, it is necessary to provide them with support in increasing their professional status, transforming them into commercial structures or shareholder societies, as well as provide legal assistance for the full creation of a professional institute.

4. To prepare highly qualified coaching staff, it is necessary to organize intensive courses, use local resources and attract foreign experts. The training of new, young coaches must be a priority as a strategic goal for the future of our national football.

5. In order to restore the historical traditions of the national refereeing school, we should make full use of the existing potential, create a specially equipped school at AFFA, organize permanent courses and educational meetings, involving our veteran referees who have international ranks and titles.

6. Of exceptional importance is the creation of an institute of football management, which plays a special role in the search for young and talented football players, their presentation, long-term development strategy and motivation, which is one of the main functionaries of modern football. Without this institute, the opportunities for young talents to build a successful career and for national football players to live a foreign life are very limited.

7. Based on the presentation of AFFA, the Cabinet of Ministers should prepare a special program, develop mechanisms for joint implementation and control to provide stadiums and playgrounds to all settlements. Such football competitions should be held in every village. In order to hold regional and local football tournaments and conduct effective selection work, it is necessary to increase the number of local, operating institutions and employees of the Regional Football Federation, and each and every locality in Azerbaijan must be provided with football competitions. Regardless of where they live, every child needs to be introduced to visual football, and live football needs to be brought to their villages and backyards. Each regional center should be provided with a modern stadium with natural grass that meets modern requirements, including auxiliary fields. The new development program should reflect the construction of new stadiums in the territories included in the Baku urban agglomeration, as well as the construction of children’s playgrounds in each microdistrict. The football infrastructure must be created in its entirety in the country.

8. Expand the network of football academies in the regions. Not only through AFFA, clubs and other government agencies, but also by attracting individual entrepreneurs to support the creation of football schools available to every child, bearing the names of our former football players with titles, to prepare a joint program with banking and financial institutions for their construction and completion of construction, obtaining loans at low interest rates for targeted priorities.

9. As president of AFFA, hold calendar press conferences, present the country’s football life to the public in a mirror, bring forward long-term development plans, discuss the state of use of financial resources in a comparative form. Carrying out consistent monitoring of relevant structures.

10. In parallel with the application and implementation of these provisions, it is mandatory to increase productivity, competitiveness, and promote Azerbaijani football at the level of national teams and clubs to a new, professional stage. This means the revival of the country’s football life, its popularity, a massive increase in the interest of spectators and fans, and the constant development of children’s and youth football.

It should be noted that the AFFA reporting and election conference will be held on April 2 at the Baku Marriott Boulevard hotel and will begin at 10:00.


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