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The Regional Ministry released a report on the payments for the construction of the “Zheleznitsa” tunnel – 2024-04-02 22:13:28

2024-04-02 22:13:28

The Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works provides a complete report on all payments for the realization of the “Zheleznitsa” tunnel on the “Struma” AM.

On Monday, it became clear that the European Prosecutor’s Office is investigating abuses during the construction of the tunnel.

The facility was put into operation at the beginning of March 2024 after the completion of the strengthening activities of the activated landslides in the area.

There was no report of irregularities in the construction of the tunnel related to financial abuses in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. According to API data, such a thing did not occur in the agency either.

The site has been worked on over the years on the basis of a technical project in compliance with the principles of the conceptual project prepared. In this regard, the construction documentation for sub-section #2 from km 366+720 to km 369+000, including the service tunnel road at the southern portal of the “Zheleznitsa” tunnel and the helipad does not include a working design.

According to the contract, the completed construction and installation activities are paid for on the basis of a certificate for completed CMR.

For the purpose of full transparency of the spending of public funds, the Ministry of Public Finance and Development provides a report on the financial performance of the contract over the years – with the dates of the certificates for completed SMRs, dates of invoices, dates of payment, as well as what payments were made throughout the entire period of the construction of “Zheleznitsa” tunnel on AM “Struma”.

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