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If you act as well as People’s Artist Thu Ha Hong Diem, I’ll accept it

* The article represents the author’s opinion

On forums these past few weeks, I’ve seen people talking a lot about the characters and situations in the movie Heart Rescue Station, examining every detail, commenting on each role. Many people criticize, but that proves that the movie has only just aired but already has a lot of attraction.

Vietnamese television dramas have had many notable works, including many with scripts purchased from abroad such as Living with Mother-in-law, Taste of Love… but there are rarely any films with scripts that we ourselves. Writing like Heart Rescue Station is so unpredictable. I’m not in the camp that criticizes the movie, so anyone who is an anti-fan of Heart Rescue Station should not continue reading this article to avoid being upset.

People’s Artist Thu Ha in the image of the bitter Lan at ‘Heart Rescue Station’.

In the past, Vietnamese films were often criticized for not being able to predict the outcome until just watching a few details. That’s why I was drawn to Heart Rescue Station in the first place. Many people criticized Ms. Lan for why her biological mother treated her daughter as an enemy, but of course she had her reasons. And that is the necessary spice to increase the drama of the movie. Because if she is a gentle, understanding, forgiving mother who has no problems with her daughter, the result will be a bland movie, and the audience will immediately criticize it as bad.

I see many people joining together to criticize the movie even though they have only watched a few episodes, criticizing the movie for creating toxic characters and not seeing any healing, as My Le commented. But remember that this is a drama, people have to build situations and stories with layers to keep the audience, slowly the cause is revealed to explain why the villains’ actions are so disturbing. made like that.

The villain duo Nghia and An Nhien create drama for the film.

Of course, Ms. Lan, Nghia, and An Nhien are not the right side, they are toxic and full of ugliness, but they all have a reason. You guys watch so many ridiculous Korean dramas that you go crazy, the good guys are stupidly good, the bad guys are extremely bad but you’re still engrossed in watching and praising them. That’s what the scriptwriter and the cast are good at forcing the audience to follow every development of the movie even though it’s very uncomfortable and frustrating.

Heart Rescue Station is also such a movie when it creates controversy and attracts viewers through just a few episodes, each episode has dramatic situations. Watching Heart Rescue Station, I thought I was watching a Korean movie because the drama was overwhelming and always dominated the audience’s emotions, and the villain was antagonistic and not bland and ambivalent. Nghia or An Nhien made me angry but I couldn’t quit the movie because I still wanted to wait and see the reason why they sacrificed their own happiness to plan revenge on Ha’s family?…

I especially appreciate the transformation of actors Quang Su and Luong Thu Trang when playing two villains that make viewers extremely angry like Nghia and An Nhien. Their cold eyes containing unpredictable plots really made me shiver because I was so immersed in the role.

Still Rosy Continuing to play the role of a woman who suffers from many tragedies of fate and many difficult psychological scenes is already her forte. Canh Ha’s tearful conversation with her mother at the dinner table or holding her tightly to force her to listen to the entire recording gave me goosebumps.

People’s Artist Thu Ha and Hong Diem continues to have an excellent combination in this movie with great acting. They play the same mother and daughter as in Sunflower Against the Sun, but this time their psychological developments are very different, the acting of the two actors is also much fresher and more attractive than before. As for People’s Artist Thu Ha, there is no criticism. Watching the newly broadcast episode when Ms. Lan teaches An Nhien, everyone has to admit that People’s Artist Thu Ha’s acting is so great. In short, if the actors are as good as People’s Artists Thu Ha and Hong Diem, I’ll accept your criticism.

dien hay nhu nsnd thu ha hong diem ma che thi toi cung chiu hinh 3
Hong Diem as Ha.

Heart Rescue Station has only started with a few episodes, it would be too early to conclude whether the show is a success or a failure. But with the effect that the movie brings when it continuously becomes a search keyword and hot topic on movie forums, it can be seen that Heart rescue station was initially successful in the context of recent ‘flop bombs’ constantly appearing on the screen. Hopefully the later the Heart Rescue Station becomes more attractive and doesn’t fall into the ‘elephant head and mouse tail’ scene like many other dramas.

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