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The International Weightlifting Federation followed the lead of Armenian extremists – 2024-03-29 16:15:33

2024-03-29 16:15:33

Author: Bayram Elshadov

Today, the International Weightlifting Federation showed that learning from past mistakes is a difficult process. We draw such a bold conclusion based on the fact that Yerevan received the right to host the World Weightlifting Championships in 2027.

This would not be noteworthy if there had not been a horrific incident at the last event held in Armenia. One of the accredited employees took advantage of his privileged position and burned the Azerbaijani flag. This incident received wide coverage in the Armenian press, which tried in every possible way to justify its compatriot.

After this, the International Weightlifting Federation expressed “serious concern” about what happened and prevented the holding of the 2024 World Championships in the capital of Armenia.

Today’s decision, of course, seems very strange. First of all, due to the fact that conditions are being created for a repeat of the situation that happened about a year ago. Where is the guarantee that no one else will decide to burn someone else’s flag? It does not seem that hypertrophied Armenian nationalism has subsided during this time. Taking into account past experience, it is possible that the act of the Armenian nationalist who committed the arson will be repeated. And something suggests that in this case, the International Weightlifting Federation will again limit itself to “serious concern.”

It remains unclear why the governing body decided to grant Armenia the privilege. But we wouldn’t be at all surprised if someone sets fire to another flag during the tournament in 2027.

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