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Who is model Savannah Adamo as the Boat Race 2024 star goes viral on Instagram

We examine the identity of the 24-year-old American Boat Race participant and model Savannah Adamo

This Saturday, the spotlight shines on Savannah Amado, showcasing her distinctive grace at the much-awaited 2024 Boat Race, pitting the enduring rivals, Oxford and Cambridge, against each other against the tranquil panorama of the River Thames.

Who is model Savannah Adamo as the Boat Race 2024 Cambridge star goes viral on Instagram

Originating from Ladera Ranch, California, this 24-year-old standout from the United States has secured her position within Cambridge’s revered 30-member team, all vying for the prestigious Newton Trophy.

Who is Savannah Adamo?

During her tenure at Berkeley, she celebrated triumph as a Cox in the IRA National Championship the previous year, clinching the Eric Will Trophy. Furthermore, she secured victories in the San Diego Crew Classic in 2023 and the Pac-12 Championship in both 2022 and 2023. Adamo has seamlessly transitioned her expertise to England, where she served as a coxswain for Cambridge’s second team in the Shanghai River Regatta.

Beyond her athletic endeavors, Adamo boasts a background in swimsuit modeling, collaborating with renowned brands like Summer Break. With an Instagram following of nearly 4,000, her feed often showcases her in stylish swimsuit poses.

Additionally, she shares her enthusiasm for horseback riding, frequently sharing snapshots of herself atop horses in her native USA. As per reports, Savannah is daughter of Ralph Adamo and Amy Adamo and her father used to play football at St. Joesph’s.

What will be Adamo’s role in the 2024 Boat Race?

Amado, currently pursuing postgraduate studies at Peterhouse College with a focus on Digital Humanities, has exchanged the sunny coastlines of California for the serene currents of the River Thames. She stands ready to potentially take on the role of coxswain, entrusted with the crucial tasks of steering the boat and motivating her crew members as they strive for victory in this renowned competition.

Her skills were on display in September when she participated in the Head of Shanghai River Regatta as a member of Cambridge University Boat Club’s second team, showcasing her adeptness as a coxswain. American Savannah Adamo is poised to inject a dash of allure into the prestigious event as both teams navigate the intricacies of the River Thames.

At the age of 24, Adamo assumes a pivotal role within Cambridge’s 30-strong team, set to compete in the esteemed event this Saturday. Adamo is positioned to take on the role of Cox, responsible for steering the boat and maintaining focus, for the 169th iteration of the race. Currently pursuing postgraduate studies at Peterhouse College, she brings with her a wealth of experience gained from her time rowing for the University of California, Berkeley.


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