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The Colombian team rose in the Fifa ranking after beating Spain and Romania: it is approaching the top 10

The Colombian team climbed positions in the new Fifa world ranking after the international date in March – credit @FCFSeleccionCol/X

The Colombian National Team achieved two important victories on its tour of Europe, beating Spain in London with a final score of 0-1 and Romania in Madrid, where the result was 3-2. These friendly matches are part of the preparation of the Colombian team for the next Copa América 2024. Daniel Muñoz, Jhon Córdoba, Jhon Arias and Yáser Asprilla were the outstanding athletes who secured victory by scoring in these matches.

These victories left Colombia in a more favorable position within the Fifa world ranking, rising two places, compared to last month, to 12th place. Now, with 1,664 points, the national team is very close to entering the ‘Top’ 10, just below internationally renowned teams such as the United States and Croatia. This improvement in the classification is largely due to the efforts and exceptional performance of the players on the European field.

At the South American level, the Tricolor team would be considered the third best on the continent, being just below Argentina, which remains in first place, and Brazil, which occupies fifth position in the ranking. The momentum that the team led by Néstor Lorenzo saw was well rewarded after achieving good results. The victory against Spain was the one that helped them the most to rise in the standings.

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The Tricolor is now the 12th best team in the world – FCF credit

Another of the points that most caught the attention of this new ranking was the fact that the national team was placed above soccer giants such as Uruguay and Germany, who have this titan categorization as they are world champions.

Now, the national team is preparing to face the United States next Saturday, June 8 at the FedExField in Maryland, in what will be an important friendly match prior to their commitments in the Copa América and the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers. is managing the organization of another preparation match before the start of the continental tournament in June, with teams from Europe or Central America as possible opponents.

The Colombian team was just outside the Top 10 of the best in the world, according to the latest Fifa ranking – credit EFE

  • Argentina 1858 points
  • France 1841 points
  • Belgium 1795 points
  • England 1795 points
  • Brazil 1789 points
  • Netherlands 1742 points
  • Portugal 1740 points
  • Spain 1727 points
  • Italy 1725 points
  • Croatia 1721 points
  • United States 1681 points
  • Colombia 1664 points
  • Néstor Lorenzo has guided the Colombian team to be one of the best in the world – credit EFE

    The ELO calculation method adds/subtracts points (rather than averaging points) for individual matches toward/from a team’s existing point total. The points that are added or subtracted are partially determined by the relative strength or importance of the two opponents, including the teams’ logical expectation.

    Those higher up in the rankings should do better against teams lower down.

    To calculate this ranking, Fifa categorizes the matches and gives the teams their respective points depending on their importance in the calendar.

    • I= 05 friendly matches played outside the windows of the International Match Calendar
    • I = 10 friendly matches played during the windows of the International Match Calendar
    • I= 15 matches of the group stage of the Nations League competitions
    • I= 25 play-off matches and finals of Nations League competitions
    • I= 25 qualifying matches for the final competitions of the Confederations and for the final of the FIFA World Cup
    • I= 35 final competition matches of the Confederation until the Qualification phase
    • I= 40 Confederation final competition matches from the qualifying phase onwards; all matches of the FIFA Confederations Cup
    • I = 50 matches of the FIFA World Cup final competition up to the qualifying phase
    • I = 60 matches of the FIFA World Cup final competition from the group stage onwards

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