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In the sixth month of the war.. Gaza consolidates the abortion of the entity’s goals »

Nazik Badir*

After the war on Gaza entered its sixth month, the strength of the resistance increased in the face of the arrogance of the enemy, which continues to commit massacres against civilians, besiege them, starve them, abuse them, and pursue them to shelter centers, where the flour is baptized with blood, the loaf becomes a delicious dream, and childhood is squeezed between suffering in… Searching for sustenance, and trying to recover the specter of pre-war life.
The barbaric aggression launched by the entity against the Gaza Strip was not aimed, as declared, at eliminating the Hamas movement and the resistance factions and recovering the prisoners. Rather, it seeks to completely destroy a country with all its people, trees, and stones, and turn it into a scorched earth in which life is impossible within a project. “Israel” economic, and the historical ambition to establish the Ben Gurion Canal, which will connect the Red Sea and the Mediterranean, as an alternative in the future to the Suez Canal, achieve independence in supply chains, and limit dependence on other countries for foodstuffs, energy, and other things.
Despite the military supplies from the United States and the support that the enemy forces enjoy in their aggression against the Palestinians, they have failed to reach any of the resistance leaders or to free their prisoners, and they are still targeting civilians, besieging them, and killing children, women, and the elderly in front of the entire world. Reports issued by the United Nations indicate that the population of Gaza is threatened with famine, and there is nothing left to eat in the Strip, and as for groundwater, 97% of it is unfit for consumption.
In the atmosphere of this famine, the people of Gaza are experiencing the month of Ramadan, and perhaps they have embarked on a long fasting journey with their children before the sighting of the crescent moon, at a time when the streets of Arab countries are decorated with joy at the arrival of the holy month, and luxurious banquets are held, and their owners compete in reviewing the names of the invitees and their numbers, on the other hand, Hungry children who lost their mothers and fathers, bereaved women, entire families breaking their fast with barley loaf, where do they count in the accounts of those who fast in the holy month?
The seventh of October, and beyond, was a turning point for re-correcting the compass. There are those who “betrayed the settings.” This blessed month may be an opportunity to recalculate in light of the current and upcoming transformations that will change the shape of the region and the world.

Lebanese writer

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