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Tannya Varela will not appear before the Assembly Oversight Commission – 2024-03-31 10:31:03

The former commander general of the National Police, Asked Varela Coronelwill not appear before the Oversight Commission of the National Assembly who planned to receive it, virtually via Zoom, this Monday, March 4, 2024. The objective was to explain the alleged collaboration of members of the uniformed institution with groups of organized crimewhile she was in front.

The appearance is scheduled for 11:00 along with other senior officers, on passive duty, such as Mauro Vargas and Giovanni Ponce. Also the current commander of the Police, General César Zapata.

On his X account (formerly Twitter), Varela said that he recognizes the powers of the authorities. However, faced with such an informal statement and because the Legislature is not the holder of any criminal action“I excuse myself from appearing before the Commission, urging its members to comply with the due process and formalities of the Law.”

The legislative board decided to summon Varela on February 21, after read a report prepared by Fernando Villavicencio, who served as president of this commission. In it it is also attributed to Varela collaborate in locating trusted police officers in key positions to support the actions of said gangs, which would be related to the Albanian mafia.

Until the last February 19, Varela had not been required in the framework of the investigations being carried out regarding organized crime. However, she assured if the authorities will request your appearance, will be ready To do it. “I have not had the need to flee the country, nor hide,” he added.

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