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Strategic submarine ‘Shin Chae-ho’ delivered to Navy… Secret strike on North Korean nuclear facilities

Shin Chae-ho (provided by the Defense Acquisition Program Administration)

‘Shin Chae-ho’, the third 3,000-ton class submarine designed and built independently with Korean technology, was delivered to the Navy on the 4th. The Shin Chae-ho is a strategic submarine capable of launching submarine-launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), and is expected to become a core force in our military’s three-axis system.

On this morning, a delivery and handover ceremony for the Shin Chae-ho was held at HD Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Ulsan shipyard, hosted by Han Kyung-ho, head of the Defense Acquisition Program Administration’s Future Power Business Division.

Government and military officials from nine foreign countries, including Canada, Poland, Australia, the Philippines, Peru, the United States, the United Kingdom, Ecuador, and Colombia, also attended the event, raising expectations for the export of our submarines.

The Shin Chae-ho is equipped with the latest fuel cell and lead-acid battery propulsion systems and cutting-edge noise reduction technology, improving the submarine’s ability to sustain operations, stealth, and survivability. Major equipment for submarines, such as combat and sonar (sonar) systems, was domestically produced.

Shin Chae-ho can operate a variety of weapons such as guided missiles, torpedoes, and mines, and is equipped with a vertical launch tube that can launch SLBMs. Accordingly, the Shin Chae-ho is regarded as a sea-based underwater ‘kill chain’ that can preemptively strike North Korea’s nuclear and missile facilities in case of emergency.

In addition, by applying the latest technologies such as air-independent propulsion system (AIP) and noise reduction technology, it has been improved to enable precise attack capabilities against key targets on the ground and covert and stable operations.

Among these, AIP refers to a system that, unlike diesel-electric propulsion systems that require air to charge the charger, uses oxygen and fuel cells stored in the ship to charge storage batteries underwater and supply power for propulsion.

The Shin Chae-ho is the third ship following the Dosan Ahn Chang-ho (delivered in 2021) and the Anmu (delivered in 2023), which are the first strategic submarines researched and developed with domestic technology. The delivery on this day marks the deployment of the Jang Bogo-III, which began in 2007. (Batch·Type)-I project was successfully completed.

Previously, Korea first introduced the first 1,200-ton Jang Bogo-I class ship from Germany in its completed form in 1992, and for the remaining eight ships and nine Jang Bogo-II class ships, all drawings and materials necessary for construction were imported from Germany and were built domestically. Processed, assembled and produced.

Shin Chae-ho has conducted tests and evaluations related to △maximum operational depth, △maximum speed, underwater radiation noise, and vertical launch system over 30 months since the launch ceremony in September 2021. The Shin Chae-ho will be deployed at the end of this year after undergoing operational capability evaluation through eight months of power training in the Navy.

The Chomu and Shin Chae-ho ships, which are classified as medium-sized submarines, will also have female crew members onboard for the first time.

Regarding the delivery of the Shin Chae-ho to the Navy, Director General Han said, “We expect that it will not only significantly strengthen national security, but also make K-Defense a leader in the global defense export market.”

On this day, government and military officials from nine overseas countries, including Canadian Senator Michael McDonald, Australian Submarine Command Director Michael Jacobson, and Peruvian Ambassador to Korea Paul Duclos, toured the Shin Chae-ho, the Aegis warship Jeongjo the Great, and the frigate Chungnam in turn. They also plan to check the maintenance and training equipment of the Navy’s submarine operation unit and the construction facility for Jang Bogo-III Batch-II, which is being manufactured by Hanwha Ocean.

Korean defense companies are considering exporting warships to Canada, Peru, Australia, the Philippines, and Poland, and MRO (maintenance and repair) cooperation in the defense industry is being considered with the United States.

In particular, HD Hyundai Heavy Industries and Hanwha Ocean are recently pursuing orders for Poland’s Orca project, which will introduce two to three 3,000-ton class submarines, and Canada’s project for 12 3,000-ton class diesel submarines.

In relation to this, Korean Navy officials visited Canada in early February and held working-level and expanded meetings on national defense and defense industry cooperation.

At the meeting at the time, the Korean Navy expressed its willingness to cooperate and actively support the operation and maintenance of submarines if Canada acquires Korean submarines, and the Canadian Navy hopes to continue to develop exchanges and cooperation with the Korean Navy in various fields as well as acquiring submarines. It is said that he responded with the intention of doing so.

Won-ho Joo, CEO of HD Hyundai Heavy Industries’ Special Ship Business, said, “Through this event, we are very happy to be able to inform the world of our submarines with excellent performance and delivered in a timely manner.” He added, “As Team Korea with the government, we will achieve results in the field of K-defense exports in the future.” “We will do our best to achieve this,” he said.

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