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Who is boxer Sam Abdulrahim, bio, age, height, wife and boxing fight record

We examine the remarkable journey of the former biker Sam Abdulrahim, who overcame his gunshot wounds to clinch the Australian boxing title and is married to wife Chloe

Sam Abdulrahim, formerly affiliated with the Mongols motorcycle club, has accomplished an impressive feat by winning an Australian boxing championship. This accomplishment stands out notably, especially considering his remarkable recovery from enduring six gunshot wounds to the chest less than two years ago. Hailing from Melbourne and known within gangland circles, Abdulrahim showcased his prowess in a Thursday night bout held in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Who is boxer Sam Abdulrahim, bio, age, height, wife and boxing fight record stats

His adversary, local fighter Panya Chomphoophuang, fell victim to Abdulrahim’s skill as he claimed the WBC Australasian cruiserweight title. Promoted under the moniker ‘The Punisher’, Abdulrahim sealed his victory in the fifth round with a decisive uppercut that sent Chomphoophuang tumbling to the canvas.

Who is Sam Abdulrahim?

32 year old Sam aka The Punisher is married to Chloe with whom he has a daughter as well. He latest win increases his unbeaten record to 8-0 with five of his eight victories coming as knockouts. He was born on 14 March, 1992 with the Australian’s height at 5 feet 10 inches.

In under two years, a remarkable transformation has taken place in the life of a former biker who survived a harrowing shooting incident. Sam Abdulrahim, once associated with the Mongols motorcycle club, has emerged as a boxing champion, capturing the WBC Australian cruiserweight title. His journey from a traumatic shooting at a funeral to the pinnacle of boxing has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Reportedly, as Abdulrahim was leaving the funeral, he was ambushed by assailants in a car who fired multiple shots at him. Despite sustaining six gunshot wounds to his chest, he remarkably managed to drive himself to a nearby police station seeking assistance. Rushed to the hospital in critical condition, Abdulrahim defied the odds and fought valiantly to survive the vicious attack.

How did Sam Abdulrahim win the WBC Australian cruiserweight title?

His crowning achievement came in the ring, where he clinched the title with a fifth-round knockout, delivering a decisive uppercut that sent his opponent, Chomphoophuang, crashing to the canvas. This victory not only solidified Abdulrahim’s unbeaten record of 8-0 but also showcased his prowess with five of his victories coming by knockout.

However, Abdulrahim’s path to glory was fraught with obstacles. Just days before the scheduled bout at Melbourne’s Furlan Club, the venue was tragically engulfed in flames. Undeterred, Abdulrahim and his opponent opted to square off in Bangkok, Thailand, away from his homeland. Despite the challenges, Abdulrahim demonstrated his resilience and skill, emerging victorious even in unfamiliar territory.


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