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Stefan Raab is reportedly fighting against Regina Halmich again

Is this the big TV comeback? Three days ago, Stefan Raab hinted at his return to the screens in an Instagram video. In a second video, supposed details are now given: Raab is supposed to meet former boxer Regina Halmich on September 14th – 23 years after her first show fight. The TV world champion and the boxing world champion met in the ring back in 2001. Halmich broke Raab’s nose in front of more than seven million viewers.

Whether there will really be a showdown or whether the announcement is just an April Fool’s joke will probably only become clear after April 1st.

On Good Friday, a video was published on the entertainer’s Instagram channel in which TV presenter Elton visits Raab on an island and tries to persuade him to make a comeback. The two agree on one condition: If Raab collects nine million followers on Instagram within three days, he wants to appear in front of the camera again.

Three days later, on Easter Monday, it was clear: the nine million didn’t work. However, what was previously 169,000 followers has now grown to 2.8 million.

Will Stefan Raab and Regina Halmich meet again?

Elton and Raab can be seen again in a new clip from Monday. They are “close” to nine million, says Elton. That’s not enough for Raab. “I don’t do anything anymore,” he says. However, there is still an unfinished business, Elton replies: “Regina Halmich.” Raab has to compete against her again. And the date has apparently already been set: September 14th, 2024. According to a fade-in at the end of the video, tickets will be available from April 2nd at 3 p.m.

It would be the third fight between the world boxing champion and the former TV presenter. After their first fight in 2001, the two took revenge in 2007 in the Lanxes Arena in Cologne. Regina Halmich defeated Raab both times.

Stefan Raab said goodbye to TV in 2015

Halmich was the undefeated Women’s International Boxing Federation world champion from 1995 to 2007. In total she fought 56 ​​professional fights. She retired from professional boxing in 2007.

Stefan Raab is one of the most famous entertainers on German TV. From 1999 to 2015 he hosted “TV Total”, but he always caused a stir with special programs such as the show “Schlag den Raab”, the “Wok World Cup” and the “TV Total Turmsprung”. At the end of 2015, Raab said goodbye to his TV career, but has since then continued to work behind the scenes as a producer of formats. (ken)

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