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New Framework Agreement for Public Housing Management Signed by Ministry of Construction and Amidar Company

2024-04-04 04:41:00

This week a new framework agreement for the management of public housing was signed between the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Amidar company. The agreement was signed in the presence of the Minister of Construction and Housing, Yitzhak Goldknopf, the CEO of the Ministry, Yehuda Morgenstern, the Deputy Accountant General of the Ministry of Finance, Yishai Ben Eli, the CEO of the new Amidar company Eli Ben Meir and other senior officials.

The new agreement is the result of cooperation between the Ministry of Construction and Housing, the Accountant General and the Budget Division of the Ministry of Finance with the new Amidar company. The agreement includes a variety of areas of activity in which Amidar will act as the executive arm of the ministry in order to ensure the well-being of the public housing residents. Also, the agreement includes for the first time the provision of long-term rental services according to which Amidar will rent apartments on the free market and rent them to those eligible for housing assistance from the state.

In addition, within the framework of the agreement, Amidar will rent the apartments to those entitled to public housing, will be responsible for managing the apartment inventory, carrying out renovations and maintenance procedures, promoting urban renewal projects and projects in the field of rental housing for those entitled on behalf of the state.

The new management agreement was budgeted for an investment of NIS 6.2 billion. The agreement places the highest priority on the service to the residents of the public housing and is expected to lead to an upgrade in the field, in which the times for dealing with defects in the apartments will be updated, waiting times in the branches and the call center will be shortened, service will be implemented in a variety of languages ​​and the satisfaction indicators of the tenants with the service will be defined. In addition, emphasis will be placed on improving the ministry’s supervision and control capabilities over Amidar, through data reporting and performing procedures for control and tracking targets and more.

According to the new agreement, the maintenance of the public housing apartments will be significantly upgraded through accelerated entry into urban renewal projects, improvement of the process of purchasing new apartments, expansion of preventive maintenance and additional budgeting for maintenance of cracks.

Minister of Construction and Housing, Yitzhak Goldknopf: “The residents of public housing are always in front of my eyes, one of the first goals I set was to take care of these beneficiaries and give them the best service. I am happy that today we took another step towards realizing this goal. The significant agreement signed today with Amidar comes after hard work and cooperation Closely with the professionals in the Ministry of Finance who, like us, believe that it is important to allocate resources to this important issue. This is an important achievement for the residents of public housing that strengthens our commitment to this population. I thank everyone who took part in reaching this point in time, the professionals in the Ministry, the Treasury and Amidar “From creating a solid foundation for the public housing system in Israel.”

Director General of the Ministry of Construction and Housing Yehuda Morgenstern: “After hard work in cooperation with the professionals at the Ministry of Finance, we were able to obtain a significant budget of 6.2 billion NIS that will allow us to provide a quality, efficient and faster service to the residents of the public housing. The new agreement with the Amidar company was built from a foundation of trust in the company’s functioning and a lofty goal to provide a proper response , the new agreement will allow us to provide a high-quality, efficient and faster service to those entitled, while placing emphasis on upgrading the processing times for inquiries and the waiting times. The implementation of the agreement will help us in our goal of promoting the well-being of public housing residents, this is in addition to additional budgets that we will dedicate to the issue.”

Chairman of the Amidar Board of Directors, Yair Zilberstein: “The new management agreement is an important pillar in the continuation of Amidar’s activities as the government’s executive arm in the field of public housing and housing. The agreement is an expression of confidence in the company and its professional and managerial abilities to carry out its tasks successfully. I thank the company’s CEO, management and dedicated employees for the hard work and the important mission that is carried out with dedication From a social point of view and public responsibility. I am happy about the partnership with the Ministry of Construction and Housing and the Ministry of Finance, Amidar will continue to successfully carry out any national task assigned to it.”

CEO of Amidar Company, Eli Ben Meir: “The management agreement we are signing today expresses the full partnership of Amidar, the Ministry of Construction and Housing, and the Ministry of Finance, and I would like to thank all the parties involved in the work. This agreement will help us meet the deep commitment we have to the public housing residents, to improve the public housing system we trust and above all to meet in all the national goals and tasks we are required to achieve. I would like to thank the managers, employees and members of the Amidar Board of Directors who perform their work faithfully out of mission and dedication for the residents of the public housing.”

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