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President of Prensa Latina sanctions and dismisses veteran journalist Luis Manuel Arce – 2024-04-21 04:33:41

Yesterday, when I was remembering my time at the Granma newspaper and my relationship with Claudio Adams George, the administrator who every week brought food by the sack and boxes to Lázaro Barredo, I remembered the story that a man told me just a couple of days ago. friend of his, who claims to have witnessed a chat between Osvaldo Rodríguez, a Prensa Latina worker, and another unidentified individual, who is allegedly a friend of his and lives in Miami. The subject of the conversation is related to the former representative of the information agency in Mexico: Luis Manuel Arce Isaac.

According to what this other good friend told me, who recently started working at the Prensa Latina agency, the veteran journalist of this agency, Luis Manuel Arce Isaac, has been publicly reprimanded and sanctioned by the Cuban state agency, unleashing a wave of debate comments. about the rigidity and policies of the institution. Luis Manuel Arce, who was the agency’s correspondent in Mexico for many years, used the official Cuban passport to travel to that country under personal pretexts; specifically to undergo cataract surgery.

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This incident came to light after Arce did not return to Cuba on time, sparking an internal investigation that culminated in his dismissal.

The management of Prensa Latina, led by its president, Luis Enrique González, accused Luis Manuel Arce of violating multiple regulations and principles of the agency, highlighting that his action was not only an abuse of state resources, but also a lack of Transparency and honesty with your superiors.

Arce, for his part, has vehemently rejected the accusations.

In a message that he apparently sent to his colleagues and friends, Arce expressed his disagreement with the decision of the President of the news agency, arguing that his trip was part of his accumulated vacation and that he did not do it as a representative of Prensa Latina or the State. Cuban. Furthermore, Arce stated that his trip had an urgent and personal nature, given that his daughter, who has lived in Mexico for several years, had requested her immediate presence in Aztec territory.

However, according to this internal source who said he saw the conversation entered between Osvaldo and his friend Mario or Marcos, This operation is a Chinese story, and what happens is that Arce does not want to return to Cuba where life is increasingly miserable, and has decided to stay and live in Mexico, apparently. The informant adds that the other person in the dialogue that he saw is a certain Marcos or Mario, Guzmán or Gomez, and said that he cannot specify the information because he is now wearing glasses with the wrong prescription.

The informant told me that Arce was discharged from Prensa Latina without taking into account his retirement and that in his complaint he argued that he never imagined an ending like that in Prensa Latina, after having had “an impeccable career as a revolutionary for more than 40 years” that he dedicated to the agency.

According to my source, who regretted not being able to take a screenshot of the chat he saw on a computer, Arce argued that “They had treated him with the force that only traitors are treated with” and that he was not, since he had always complied with the Revolution and with Fidel, even at the time when his mother died on the island, and in order to fulfill his role as a journalist based abroad, he did not travel to the island to to say goodbye to him, because he understood that the Revolution did not have money for those things.

Arce also argued in his defense that he had cataracts and glaucoma and added that Luisa María, the party secretary, knew about his trip; and also a certain Miriam García y “Milagros” (SOA); and that they had even authorized him to travel on vacation and that everything was known to Moisés Saab, the Secretary of the Cuban Communist Party in the agency.

Veteran journalist Luis Manuel Arce Isaac also said that, as soon as he arrived in Mexico, he gave the official passport to a certain “Yovany.”

Arce stated in the conversation, where he allegedly included the dialogue held between him and the president of Prensa Latina, that he continues to be “the fighter of a thousand campaigns, the one who mourns Fidel and Ché day by day” and confirmed before his friends and close colleagues from Prensa Latina that he also continues to be “an unwavering revolutionary to the grave,” while accusing the president of the agency of disrespecting him and saying he did not accept “For nothing and no one in the world would such a low and arbitrary expulsion from the agency founded by Ché” Whom everyone knows he had a very close relationship with.

I am the one who, from this very moment, renounces being under your direction,” He told the President of Prensa Latina, who spread among his work colleagues that Luis Manuel Arce, in addition to lying, saying that he was on vacation in the province, was actually in Mexico; that he was not sincere and lied, and that is why the management of the agency, which all the time showed him support, especially during his illness, requested his release and thereby closed all ties between him and Prensa. Latina.

The source reports that Arce continued to defend himself and refuted what the president of Prensa Latina said, arguing that yes, he had plans to go to the central provinces to see his wife’s family; and that he would also travel to Camagüey to see his, which he had not seen in a long time.

He said that Luisa María and Moisés Saab knew all this, and that it was precisely when he had already gotten the gasoline and was willing to make the trip, that his daughter called him from Mexico announcing that he had to be there, as soon as possible for two preliminary studies on glaucoma and cataract surgery on his left eye, of which he almost no longer sees.

The veteran journalist acknowledged that his mistake may have been in not having brought the official passport to the agency on the day he went, and said that he did not do so because he did not think that it would have any subsequent implications.

Arce stated in his defense – always following the information offered by the source that he claims is what he remembers he saw – that Mexico is currently in full swing of the electoral campaign and just over a month before the elections, so He does not believe it is feasible for the agency to be left without an accredited representative in the country.

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