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Ko Hee Jin Ensures that Red Sparks Will Have an Entertaining Performance Against Indonesia All Star – 2024-04-21 04:08:35

2024-04-21 04:08:35

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Press conference for the Red Sparks match against Indonesia All Star at the Mulia Hotel, Jakarta, Friday (19/4) afternoon WIB. Photo: Muhammad Naufal/

jpnn.comThe friendly match between the Indonesian women’s volleyball team and the Korean club, Daejeon JungKwanJang Red Sparks, is predicted to be exciting.

Both teams prepared themselves optimally ahead of the exhibition match.

Red Sparks coach, Ko Hee-jin admitted that he not only prepared his team, but also provided interesting treats for the audience.

The match is recorded to be held at the Indonesia Arena which has a capacity of 16 thousand spectators.

Not surprisingly, Hye-Seon Yeum and colleagues are ready to provide interesting entertainment and games for fans from the city of Daejeon in Indonesia.

“We will provide entertainment for fans who come. “Thank you for the support given to all of us perfectly,” said the man born June 13 1980 when met in the Senayan area, Jakarta, Friday (19/4/2024).

Red Sparks will appear with the best strength including Megawati Hangestri Pertiwi and Giovanna Milana.

The two players happened to have arrived in Jakarta to prepare to play in the 2024 Proliga event with Jakarta BIN and Jakarta Pertamina Enduro.

Red Sparks ensures that they will provide maximum entertainment for Indonesian volleyball fans when playing an exhibition match against Indonesia All Star, Saturday (20/4)

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