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Oshi No Ko chapter 149 release date, time, spoilers and where to read online

Oshi No Ko chapter 149 release date and time is now out

Oshi No Ko has traversed numerous arcs thus far, and it’s now delving into its ninth installment, aptly titled “Movie.” This segment follows the production journey of the documentary film “15 Years Lie.”

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Alongside introducing Yura Katayose, it also portrays the auditions for the role of Ai Hoshino, offering a blend of slice-of-life drama and significant character development.

Oshi No Ko chapter 149 release date, time, spoilers, leaks and where to read online

For enthusiasts eagerly awaiting the next chapter, the wait is almost over!

Here’s a comprehensive guide to Oshi No Ko Chapter 149, detailing its release date, time, and where to access it.


Entitled “End of Summer,” Chapter 148 of Oshi No Ko witnessed the conclusion of filming for 15 Year Lie, with the cast enjoying a leisurely day on a secluded beach. Minami, invited by Frill, joins the group, adding a new dynamic to the gathering.

Gotanda, begrudgingly playing the role of designated driver due to owning a van, becomes the subject of playful teasing when it’s revealed he purchased the vehicle for family outings despite never marrying.

Amidst playful banter and the gentle embrace of seawater, the group endeavors to make the most of their time together before returning to the grind of work the following day.

Frill surprises everyone with the announcement of her two-month hiatus, leaving Ruby, Kana, and Taiki envious of her well-deserved break.

Throughout the day, Taiki and Melt find themselves captivated by the sight of the girls in their swimsuits, eagerly anticipating Frill’s appearance.


Anticipated to focus on “The End of the Play” arc, Chapter 149 is likely to delve into the final stages of the documentary’s production, shedding light on Yura Katayose, the talented actress whose fate intertwines with Hikaru’s storyline.

However, this remains speculative for now. As the narrative unfolds, readers can expect further exploration of the aftermath of Ruby’s encounter with Hikaru.

With her decisions and demeanor evolving amid the complexities of her family’s history, interactions between her and Aqua may intensify in Chapter 149.

Release Date

Scheduled for release on May 16, 2024, at 12 AM JST, Oshi No Ko Chapter 149 will be available worldwide on Wednesday, May 15. The upcoming installment will release approximately at 3 PM GMT / 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET.

However, please bear in mind that exact timing may vary depending on upload speed and individual time zone disparities.

Where to Read

To catch Chapter 149, fans can head over to Shueisha’s Manga Plus and Viz Media. The platform offers convenient access via its website or mobile app.

Readers can indulge in the first three and latest three chapters for free or delve into the entire series with a premium membership.

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