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They ask for help for a Cuban child with a colostomy – 2024-03-30 21:18:04

2024-03-30 21:18:04

A request for help circulates through social networks for a Cuban child who had a colostomy.

According to the publication by Odelaisy Ríos Sotolongo, the minor responds to the name of Damián, who is torn between life and death, after several surgeries.

“Hello, good morning everyone, I am making this publication because everyone should know about the situation our boy Damián is going through, who is between life and death, going through very difficult times. At the moment he is in the operating room doing a cleaning and he has an open abdomen, since he has had five operations and eight times he has gone to the room to do cleaning and he has a colostomy done,” says Ríos’ publication.

The woman explained that the minor requires colostomy bags, which are not available in the hospital and are vital for his recovery.

“Please, I call on everyone to share this publication and reach more people and help me acquire something so necessary. Please share with all the Pinar sales groups so they can help us,” the woman concluded.

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Colostomy bags are one of the most scarce medical supplies in Cuba, therefore, they are among those most requested for donations through social networks.

The scarcity of resources and medicines on the island forces the population to go to these media to make their requests for donations in an attempt to alleviate their critical health situations, in a country where the regime assures that there is medical power.

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