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Now it’s foaming: Wlazny about the future of the beer party

Was will Wlazny?

He suggests that he thinks little or nothing of the current school system and would like to see a comprehensive school. Educational institutions should be inclusive and diverse, not buildings for the confinement of children. “For us, education is the key that breaks the chains of inequality,” Wlazny is already practicing with striking political pathos. “Women are the mothers of all children,” he adds on the topic of equality for women. Of course, there are also bon mots for the health system (“healthy health system for all”, without a “golden credit card”). When it comes to nursing reform, he insists on personnel reforms because “their dedication and skills are the foundation on which the system rests.” As a musician, the cultural sector is of particular concern to him, for which he calls for “fair remuneration instead of sporadic support” as well as low-threshold access: “Art and culture are the glue that holds our society together.”

But things still get somewhat exciting when it comes to the topic of migration. “Human rights are cemented in stone, we will not discuss that,” Wlazny begins, unsurprisingly. Regulated immigration is necessary, but so are the rules and conditions: German is a basic condition that one can confidently demand, and: “We have a compass of values ​​that we have to stick to. And by that I don’t mean schnitzel, lederhosen and Perchtenlauf , but tolerance and openness.” You have to openly identify problems and talk about them. This is the only way to counter fear mongers. However, Wlzany cannot yet say how the above-mentioned keywords will be implemented. The answer to this should be worked out at regular meetings.

“At the bottom of our hearts we are optimistic. Because what rhymes with beer? Us!”, Wlazny really nails it at the end.

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