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Jealous of Ngoc Anh 3A being loved and pampered by her Western husband

2018, Ngoc Anh 3A remarried. Her second husband, John Gallander, is a businessman who is 12 years richer than Ngoc Anh.Ngoc Anh said, she was loved again from the beginning when her husband loved the way a young man loved a young girl.“John was the first lifeline I grabbed when I thought I was drowning, when my love life was at a standstill. Maybe God loved me so he gave me a good buoy,” the female singer shared above Dan Tri.In the eyes of Ngoc Anh’s friends, businessman John loves his wife very much.Singer Trizzie Phuong Trinh once said that just looking at every gesture and look that businessman John gave to Ngoc Anh was enough to know that he was worthy of receiving Ngoc Anh’s love.Singer Quang Dung shared: “I have witnessed a time when Ngoc Anh was sad, miserable, and melancholy when her marriage was not perfect, so sorry for her, but now everything is different. Ngoc He is always radiant when he is filled with happiness and love from his current husband. Ngoc Anh’s current husband is American, very gallant and pampered.”For her part, Ngoc Anh said that she and her husband pamper each other. “We pamper each other to the point of feeling like the other person must be our “Queen” and “King”,” she confided.Businessman John praised his wife for being very beautiful, having a kind heart, loving her family and always taking care of her family.Ngoc Anh and his wife have been through a number of incidents. In 2019, Ngoc Anh’s husband had a stroke. For 6 months, the female singer wholeheartedly took care of her husband through the difficult period.Also in 2019, Ngoc Anh discovered a tumor in her uterus.The person next to her who cared for and encouraged the singer while removing the tumor was John Gallander.Over the past 6 years, Ngoc Anh and her husband have been inseparable.John Gallander often accompanies Ngoc Anh on performances and filming.The couple has many sweet moments together.Ngoc Anh’s ex-husband and new husband are friends. The two can sit and eat together, talking about Ngoc Anh’s son’s education.Watch the video “Ngoc Anh 3A calls on the audience to watch the live show”. Source FBNV

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