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Demand for anti-illegal vehicle campaign to control road accidents – 2024-04-04 02:01:26

2024-04-04 02:01:26

To prevent road accidents and loss of life during the upcoming Eid-ul-Fitr, the National Committee for the Protection of Maritime, Road and Railways has demanded an operation against all types of illegal vehicles and unlicensed drivers, including buses without route permits and defective ones. For this reason, the organization has called for the start of mobile courts on all highways, inter-district roads and regional roads of the country including the capital Dhaka.

On Wednesday (April 3), the organization’s president Haji Mohammad Shahid Mia and general secretary Ashish Kumar Dey issued a statement to the Ministry of Road Transport and Bridges and Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA).

The statement also urged the BRTA, police, traffic police, highway police and district administration to play a strict role against illegal vehicles and law breakers including unlicensed and minor drivers.

Expressing deep concern over regular road accidents and serial casualties in different parts of the country, the statement said that even though accidents and unexpected deaths often occur on roads and highways, all concerned parties are indifferent in establishing accident-free roads.

In a statement, the leaders of the National Committee said that at various times in the recent past, responsible officials of the government, including the Road Transport Minister, have blamed faulty and illegal vehicles and unskilled and unlicensed drivers for accidents. But the concerned government agencies are not taking any effective action against these irregularities and mismanagement. As a result, roads and highways have apparently become death traps.

The spokespersons also warned the Ministry of Road Transport and BRTA that fatal accidents like in the recent past should not be repeated.

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