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Lotto 1,119th 1st place winner: 19 people, KRW 1.396 billion each, winning number inquiry, lottery store

(The 1119th Lotto winning numbers were announced. The 1st place winning numbers were ‘1, 9, 12, 13, 20, 45’. The 2nd place bonus number was decided to be ‘3’. The total number of 1st place winners was 19 first place winners each receive 1.396 billion won / Donghaeng Lottery website)

The 1119th Lotto winning numbers have been announced.

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The first place winning numbers were ‘1, 9, 12, 13, 20, 45’. The second place bonus number was decided to be ‘3’.

A total of 19 first place winners will receive 1.396 billion won each.

There are 97 Lotto second place winners who matched the 5 winning numbers and the bonus number, and the winning amount is 45,574,823 won each.

3,108 people (matching 5 winning numbers) will receive 1,422,381 won each.

4th place (matching 4 winning numbers, prize money of 50,000 won) is 155,000 people.

5th place (matching 3 winning numbers, winning prize of 5,000 won) is 2,560,859 people.

(Lotto 1119th winning number inquiry / MBC ‘Live Happy Dream Lotto 6/45’ capture)

According to Donghaeng Lottery Lotto History, the cumulative number of first place winners up to this 1,119th round is 8,786. The highest winning amount ever for first place is 40,722,959,400 won, and the lowest winning amount for first place is 405,939,950 won.

Meanwhile, Lee Yoon-joo, Secretary General of the 284th Golden Hand Overseas Adoptee Association, appeared as Golden Hand in episode 1119 of MBC’s live Happy Dream Lotto 6/45 broadcast on this day.

The production team said, “Lee Yun-joo, Secretary General of the Overseas Adoptee Coalition, who brings hope to overseas adoptees, was invited as the 284th ‘Golden Hand’.”

◇ The 284th Golden Son Overseas Adoptees’ Alliance Secretary General Lee Yoon-ju: △Secretary General of the non-profit organization ‘Overseas Adoptees’ Alliance (GOA’L.)’ △ Assisting with visa and citizenship support for overseas adoptees to return to Korea △ Korean language education for adoptees residing in Korea, Providing community programs, etc.

The payment deadline for lotto winnings is within one year from the payment start date. If the last day of winnings is a holiday, you can receive your winnings until the next business day.

The prize money can be received at the Nonghyup Bank main branch for 1st place winners, and at each branch of Nonghyup Bank for 2nd and 3rd place winners. Lotto winning information, including winning numbers, winning areas, and stores, can be found on the Donghaeng Lottery website.

The Lotto 6/45 draw broadcast time is every Saturday at 8:45 PM and is broadcast live on MBC’s ‘Live Happy Dream Lotto 6/45’. Broadcaster Seo Kyung-seok and announcer Park Yeon-kyung will serve as MCs.

Photo by Reporter Park So-gi Lotto Donghaeng Lottery website


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