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Who was Pang Mao aka Fat Cat as missing Chinese gamer is found dead, cause of death, bio, age and girlfriend

Here is all you need to know about Chinese gamer Pang Mao known as ‘’Fat Cat’ passed away at 21 along with more about his age, career, bio, girlfriend and family 

Pang Mao’s body has been discovered, according to, following a report that it had gone missing for almost ten days on 11 April 2024.

His sister confirmed the fact that her brother’s body was discovered in an unidentified state. The dead gamer’s elder brother then declared that his younger brother had been cremated on May 3, 2024. 

Who was Pang Mao aka Fat Cat as missing Chinese games is found dead, cause of death, bio, age, family and girlfriend

He jumped off the Shibanpo Yangtze River Bridge on April 11, 2024; his body was found 12 days later. Following his breakup with his girlfriend, he reportedly committed suicide. Let us have a look at the late gamer’s bio, relationship and family. 

Who was Pang Mao? 

Pag Mao who was known as Fat Cat and his real name was Liu Jie was a Chinese gamer who was born in 2003 in Hunan Province. He played games on behalf of others and earned from game boosting. The 21-year-old was in a relationship with his virtual girlfriend Tan Zhu and the late gamer has been dating the 27-year-old for over two years now. The two met through a mobile game ‘Honor

Of Kings.’ It was reported that Zhu ended their relationship in April 2024. Following their breakup, Fat Cat gave Tan Zhu the remaining RMB 66,000 and jumped off the Shibanpo Yangtze River Bridge in Chongqing. 

After the incident, Tan Zhu publicly apologised for her actions and expressed regret. She denied rumours that Fat Cat gave her RMB 510,000. Tan Zhu and Fat Cat’s father agreed on an RMB 130,000 settlement after that. Subsequently, though, Fat Cat’s sister determined that the total cash moved between them was actually RMB 510,000. 

Mao reportedly wanted to marry Zhu and worked hard so that they could tie the knot as soon as possible. He gave all the results of his work to his girlfriend. He wanted to work hard for the woman he loved so that she could open a flower shop as per the reports. 

The brother of the gamer believes Tan Zhu is the reason behind his brother’s death wit Pang said to have committed suicide after his breakup. Pang Mao’s sister stated that a lawsuit would be filed by her family to resolve this case. 


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