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What happens on Paseo de la Reforma? Fishermen block the avenue and this is the reason

2024-05-11 13:18:33

What happens on Paseo de la Reforma? On the afternoon of this Tuesday, May 7, a blocking by fishingpain y aquaculturists.

The dissidents demand to establish a dialogue with federal authorities to find a solution to the illegal entry of shrimp and fish in several entities of the Mexican Republic.

Due to the above, fishermen maintain blockades in both directions in Paseo de Reforma and its intersection with Rosales, Juárez and Bucareli avenues.

Traffic was affected for several hours, and the suspension of the bus service was announced. metrobus of line seven that goes from Children’s Hospital a Campo Marte.

“We want us to be taken care of by the president, they promised us that they would control the importation of shrimp and they did not deliver. Enough of the deceptions, they are only affecting us fishermen”

Antonio aquaculturist

Fishermen denounce the excessive entry of illegal shrimp from the Republic of Ecuador

Hundreds of fishermen and aquaculturists from different Mexican states and ports gathered this afternoon, May 7, in Paseo de la Reforma.

The protesters denounced that the Customs Secretariat, like the Economy Secretariat, have affected the local economy of Mexican fishermen by allowing the illegal entry of shrimp from the Republic of Ecuador.

According to what they pointed out, Ecuadorian ports have entered uncontrollably shrimp y fish at mexican customs, causing thousands of national jobs to be lost.

In their banners they request that the government of Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) stop the illegal importation of shrimp by ANAM and Senasica.

As an alternative route to avoid traffic chaos, it is recommended to detour towards Interior Circuit.

Service is restored on Line 7 that goes from Children’s Hospital to Campo Marte

O’clock in theat 3:35 pm, the CDMX Metrobús announced that restored the Line 7 service that goes from Children’s Hospital to Campo Marte.

“At the moment the service is restored in all stations of Line 7. Take into account, the unit progress is slow”reads the statement.

Previously, the service only operated from IGreen Indians to La Villa Children’s Hospital, Violet Glorieta to Campo Marte and Paris. Without Service: Hidalgo Amajac.

Fishermen block Paseo de la Reforma avenue (@SeGobCDMX)

2024-05-11 13:18:33

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