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Corsica: the constitutional project for autonomy adopted by the island Assembly

2024-03-28 02:18:13

Another step taken. The constitutional text providing for “a status of autonomy” for Corsica “within the Republic” was adopted by a large majority on Wednesday evening by the Corsican Assembly, with 13 elected officials out of 63 voting however against the granting of local normative power.

The text, composed of six paragraphs, was submitted to a vote in three parts, on the notion of Corsican community, the possibility of normative power granted to island elected officials, and finally the idea of ​​submitting this text to Corsican voters via a popular consultation. Then a fourth vote recorded this consultation in three acts of the 63 elected representatives of the Corsican Assembly.

A long process

On March 12, the government and Corsican elected officials agreed on a draft “constitutional writing” providing for “the recognition of an autonomous status” of the island “within the Republic”. The end of the mission of the “Beauvau process”, which aimed to advance the antagonistic positions often expressed within the Territorial Assembly of Corsica.

The text, which was therefore approved by Corsican elected officials this Wednesday, “respects both the red lines set by the President of the Republic and myself, and also the time allocated” by Emmanuel Macron, a period of six months supposed to end at the end of March and lead to an agreement, indicated Gérald Darmanin.

The text adopted by the Island Assembly, there are still several steps before this “autonomy status” is effective. Emmanuel Macron will now have to choose whether or not to continue the process of constitutional reform. If he wishes, the President of the Republic will have to bring together the officials concerned to work on drafting the real constitutional reform bill.

“Voters registered on the electoral lists of Corsica” may also “be consulted on the draft statute, after opinion of the deliberative assembly”, also provides for the agreement signed at the Ministry of the Interior. Parliament will then have the difficult task of closing this file.

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