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Justification and answer to the “Kassandras” the inclusion of the old University in the NSRF – 2024-03-30 23:31:09

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“Justification of a long and arduous journey” characterizes the inclusion of the reconstruction of the old University building in the NSRP by the faction “Yannena Nea Epochi”, which had been strongly contested as a municipal authority for the procedures that followed, with the current mayor T. Bega to talk about precarious funding and a process that is not going to go ahead.

“It is a vindication for our faction, which claimed the property and completed the process, so that the city will have a modern city hall and a multi-purpose hall worthy of its history as well as modern needs.
The contract with the contractor of the project has been signed and now its implementation can begin without any delay. Today’s development is the answer to the Kassandras and to all those who questioned the securing of funding”, the faction “Yannena Nea Epochi” states in its statement and continues: “Our faction, as a municipal authority, took advantage of all the financial possibilities that existed, and secured significant funds from all funding programs.
He delivered a large number of projects to the current municipal authority, but also emblematic interventions, such as Pyrsinella Park and the Dompoli building. It is her duty to complete them without delay.
The reconstruction of the old University and its transformation into a modern administrative center was a personal success of the late mayor Moses Elisaf. The meeting he had with the Prime Minister of the country, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, paved the way for the concession of the property to the municipality. Subsequently and with considered steps, the project matured, was tendered and contracted. Now, without any obstacle, he can take on flesh and bones and hand himself over to the people of Ioannina.”

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